when using parallel builds, make install with kdesudo uses a command string
[kdevelop:kdevelop.git] / kdevelop.kdev4
2010-08-30 Andreas PakulatMerge branch 'merge_okteta'
2008-09-01 Andreas PakulatNicer project name, matches with kdevplatform
2008-08-26 Cédric Pasteur* Fixed bug in settings dialog with Linux style
2008-08-01 Andreas PakulatRevert the name change.
2008-07-22 Manuel BreugelmansStore qtest results as temporary files. Add outputview...
2008-06-12 David NoldenAccidental commit.
2008-06-12 David Nolden- Use pathOrUrl instead of prettyUrl as needed now...
2008-01-06 David NoldenOne more accidental commit
2008-01-06 David NoldenAdd full support for foreach statements into the parser...
2007-12-10 David Noldenaccidentally committed this
2007-12-10 David NoldenOnly closeIdentifier(..) returns a boolean value accord...
2007-10-31 Andreas PakulatRevert the changes to this file.
2007-10-31 Hamish RoddaUse the newly refactored code in kdevplatform
2007-06-19 Aleix Pol GonzalezAdded a first basic variable support.
2007-05-31 Aleix Pol GonzalezChanged it for one that works more or less. At least...
2006-09-16 Matt RogersMerge the kdev-model-and-api-experiments branch into...
2006-08-11 Adam Treat* Convert the config dialog to a tree heirarchy
2006-08-03 Adam TreatCleaning up documentcontroller a bit more
2006-07-19 Adam Treat* add some documentation to the new config framework
2006-07-19 Adam TreatLots of changes... Let's summarize: