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2010-08-30 Andreas PakulatMerge branch 'merge_okteta'
2004-01-22 Jens Dagerbo*** empty log message ***
2003-09-11 Amilcar do Carmo... TODO file got Doxygenated!
2003-08-05 Alexander Dymomerge main with make_it_cool branch
2003-07-01 Amilcar do Carmo... Back by popular demand
2003-07-01 Amilcar do Carmo... A user noticed that "Make User Manual" is not implement...
2003-06-30 Amilcar do Carmo... No need to export KDevelop3 projects, after all KDevelo...
2003-06-29 Roberto Raggiupdate TODO
2003-06-27 Roberto Raggiremoved import kdevelop 2.x projects
2003-06-05 John BirchFixing the core file handling.
2003-05-27 Amilcar do Carmo... I moved Cervisia integration because we currently alrea...
2003-05-12 Amilcar do Carmo... Removed two "done" ittems
2003-03-30 Falk Brettschneiderupdated (some removed :)
2003-03-22 Roberto Raggitodo
2003-03-17 Harald Fernengelone less thanks jrockey :)
2003-03-17 John FirebaughDon't force project files to be stored with project...
2003-01-30 Falk Brettschneider*** empty log message ***
2003-01-20 Harald FernengelTODO
2002-12-17 Falk Brettschneidersome things have been fixed
2002-11-19 Caleb Tennissome changes
2002-11-05 Falk Brettschneideradaption to KDevelop-2 behaviour: only show c++-debugge...
2002-11-04 Falk Brettschneiderapplied new patch of Heinz Hornung Hornung-Heinz@t...
2002-10-07 Falk Brettschneidernot needed any longer since the patch of Heinz Hornung...
2002-09-22 John FirebaughUpdates
2002-09-18 Hamish RoddaRemove fixed UI issue
2002-08-30 John FirebaughImplemented dynamic loading/unloading of plugins.
2002-08-22 Harald Fernengelchanges and credits
2002-08-14 John Firebaughupdate
2002-08-14 John FirebaughUpdate
2002-07-19 Victor Roeder* added two entries
2002-06-29 Matthias Hoelzer... Fixes.
2002-06-28 John FirebaughUpdates
2002-06-23 Eray Ozkuraltoolbar captions
2002-06-17 John Firebaughupdate
2002-06-17 Eray Ozkuralmore reorg
2002-06-17 Eray Ozkuralarrange items a bit, add a bug
2002-06-14 John FirebaughUpdate
2002-06-14 John Firebaugh* Debugger: be very smart about libtool.
2002-06-14 John Firebaughupdate
2002-06-13 Eray Ozkuraldone one item ;)
2002-06-13 Eray Ozkuraladd Tabbed Doc Intf bug
2002-06-13 Eray OzkuralHave to write a message here or gideon will commit...
2002-06-13 Eray OzkuralAdd TODO items suggested by Falk. Please review.
2002-06-13 Eray OzkuralChangeLog
2002-06-12 Bernd Gehrmann* Set waitCursor while ctags is running
2002-06-10 Bernd Gehrmannfix for latest kdelibs
2002-06-09 Eray Ozkural*** empty log message ***
2002-06-09 Eray Ozkural*** empty log message ***
2002-06-09 Eray Ozkural*** empty log message ***
2002-06-07 Eray Ozkural*** empty log message ***
2002-06-07 Eray Ozkural*** empty log message ***
2002-06-06 Eray Ozkural*** empty log message ***
2002-04-28 Matthias Hoelzer... Added history part, allowing back/forward navigation...
2002-04-25 Matthias Hoelzer... Started work on documentation browsing and debugger...
2002-04-17 Matthias Hoelzer... Housekeeping.
2002-04-16 Matthias Hoelzer... Added a bit more context to EditorContext.
2002-04-14 Matthias Hoelzer... Housekeeping.
2002-04-14 Matthias Hoelzer... Added a tiny part that provides a "Open with" file...
2002-04-09 Matthias Hoelzer... Ask user to save modified documents before quitting.
2002-04-08 Matthias Hoelzer... Housekeeping...
2002-04-06 Matthias Hoelzer... Moved all part related functions from KDevCore to KDevP...
2002-04-05 Matthias Hoelzer... Housekeeping...
2002-04-04 Matthias Hoelzer... Some housekeeping...
2002-04-01 Matthias Hoelzer... Added my TODO items.
2001-07-03 Bernd Gehrmann* Make file views work for arbitrary mime types
2001-06-27 Bernd GehrmannImplemented modification of build order of subprojects...
2001-06-25 Bernd Gehrmann * Implemented Add subproject
2001-06-17 Bernd Gehrmann* Separated project options widget in 4 separate widgets
2001-06-15 Bernd Gehrmanntranslations only for kde projects
2001-06-14 Bernd Gehrmann* Implemented distclean
2001-06-13 Bernd Gehrmann* Rewritten Add target dialog. Supports additional
2001-06-12 Bernd Gehrmannupdate
2001-06-12 Bernd Gehrmann* New part regexptest for testing regular expressions
2001-06-11 Bernd Gehrmann* Allow several commands for the make frontend to be...
2001-06-10 Bernd GehrmannRemoved some items, so there is place for new ones...
2001-05-27 Bernd Gehrmann* Added TOCs for perl, python and PHP to the
2001-05-12 Bernd Gehrmann* Changed compiler frontend to use QTextView, instead...
2001-04-04 Matthias Hoelzer... CVS_SILENT: More sources to add.
2001-02-28 Omid Givi*** empty log message ***
2000-09-24 Sandy Meier* ported most of the persitant layer (ProjectSpace...
1999-08-31 Martin Piskernigtest HEAD branch
1999-02-09 Sandy Meier* clean up some sourcecodes (ckdevelop.cpp,ckdevelop_pr...
1999-01-09 Sandy Meierinitial import of KDevelop (IDE)