Fixed a bug with high screen resolution, thanks to Pascal Francq.
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2000-12-11 Falk Brettschneiderqextmdi template adapted to qextmdi-1.0.0
2000-12-11 Ralf Nolden2000-12-11 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-12-08 Ralf Nolden2000-12-08 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-12-05 Ralf Nolden fixed MDI template and start of application (test...
2000-12-02 Ralf Nolden2000-12-02 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-11-27 Sandy MeierKDevelop 1.3beta1 released
2000-11-26 Ralf Nolden*** empty log message ***
2000-11-20 John BirchDisble bin tab for except for custom projects
2000-11-20 Walter Tasin* adding shared lib support to terminal applications
2000-11-19 rfunken* Forgot ChangeLog entry :-(
2000-11-15 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-11-14 Falk Brettschneider- fixed slotStartDebug(), no getSubDir() any more ;
2000-11-11 Falk Brettschneiderfixed slotStartRun(), starts chosen binary of Project...
2000-11-10 Falk Brettschneiderfixed all slotBuild...() methods, proper usage of CProj...
2000-11-07 Sandy Meiercommited patch by Micha Bieber <> (support...
2000-11-06 Sandy Meiercommited patch by Jens Zurheide <zuzu@surf-callino...
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-11-02 Falk Brettschneiderimplemented the choice of using relative or absolute...
2000-10-31 Falk BrettschneiderNow, in Project->Options->Make Options, you can set...
2000-10-31 Ralf Nolden2000-10-31 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-10-30 Ralf Nolden2000-10-30 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-10-30 Sandy Meier* added kdevdlg2ui (tool by Bernd Gehrmann <bernd@kdeve...
2000-10-30 Martin Piskernig* added kimport
2000-10-29 Ralf Nolden2000-10-29 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-10-28 Ralf Nolden2000-10-19 Ralf Nolden <>
2000-10-28 Ralf Noldenadded check for a Makefile in make clean in the base...
2000-10-27 Ralf Nolden added linguist support, fixed sgml error parser,
2000-10-27 Falk BrettschneiderAnother new Feature!:
2000-10-19 Falk Brettschneideradded Make Clean
2000-10-18 Ralf Noldenchanged templates for qt2 and kde2 to make use of uic,
2000-10-10 Ralf Nolden fixed and updated qt2 sdi template to conform with...
2000-09-07 rfunken* Updated de.po and kdevelop.pot
2000-09-05 Ralf Nolden updated kde2normal template and for...
2000-09-02 Ralf Nolden * added desinger .ui files to SOURCE in CProject to...
2000-07-06 John BirchSeveral patches applied - see Changelog for details
2000-06-19 Falk Brettschneiderbugfix (not sure if it helps):
2000-06-07 Sandy Meiercommited "open_recent_project" patch by Hartig, Olaf...
2000-06-03 Sandy Meiercommited patch by Stefan Hellwig <>
2000-05-12 rfunken* Forgot to write ChangeLog :-(
2000-05-03 Sandy Meier*** empty log message ***
2000-05-02 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-05-02 rfunken* Telephone hotfix by R. Nolden :
2000-05-02 rfunken* Repeat search activated in browser window
2000-05-02 John Birchdebug accel key problems fixed
2000-05-01 rfunken* Updated de.po
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-30 rfunken* Comitted corrected german tutorial
2000-04-26 John BirchBug 2971 - Fix from Richard Dale supercedes prefix...
2000-04-20 John BirchChanging header file and the CV will lose the links...
2000-04-16 Ralf Nolden updated docs and german translations
2000-04-16 Sandy Meieradded GNOME template to the appwizard and updated the...
2000-04-14 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-11 rfunken* Updated de.po
2000-04-11 Walter Tasin* correcting typo
2000-04-11 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-10 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-09 Ralf Nolden disabled open project button and accelerators when...
2000-04-09 rfunken* Bug #2970 messages fixed, Bug closed.
2000-04-09 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-08 John BirchPatches from Richard Dale bug 2970,2971
2000-04-08 Ralf Nolden disabled project menu on loading projects
2000-04-06 John Birchdate fix
2000-04-06 John Birchuse libtool for debugging shared libs
2000-04-06 Walter Tasin* making Changelog message clearer
2000-04-06 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-05 rfunken* Added items for the new debugger feature to en and...
2000-04-04 John BirchOpps - forgot to update -
2000-04-04 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-04 rfunken* Updated de.po due to new console debugging features
2000-04-02 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-03-31 Ralf Nolden updated aboutlogo and startlogo by Ralph Kocher
2000-03-30 rfunken* Commited de and en manuals
2000-03-30 Ralf Nolden updated kde2 templates to generate html files of docbo...
2000-03-30 Sandy Meier* small fix in dialogeditor (no preview for fixed size)
2000-03-29 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-03-29 Falk Brettschneiderimproved error message for missing C/C++ reference
2000-03-27 Ralf Nolden fixed old urls to in german manual
2000-03-26 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-03-25 rfunken* fixed an error in development_package.xpm. It wasn't
2000-03-23 Ralf Nolden fixed missing extern keyword in classparser, added...
2000-03-21 Ralf Nolden updated version infos to 1.2, updated manuals to match...
2000-03-20 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-03-18 rfunken* Updated german manual
2000-03-18 Ralf Nolden added workaround for kdoc2 malformed urls (qt-cross...
2000-03-17 Ralf Nolden updated FAQ and handbooks, added OS defines to programming
2000-03-16 Ralf Nolden updated kappwizard´s cvs page, added Qt 2.1 macros...
2000-03-16 Ralf Nolden documentation changes
2000-03-15 rfunken* Updated Authors section in de and en manuals
2000-03-13 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-03-13 Ralf Nolden fixed small documentation errors
2000-03-11 Ralf Nolden fixed kdoc filename parse error for namespaces filenam...
2000-03-11 rfunken* Corrected some messages
2000-03-10 rfunkenLast time Changelog wasn't updated correctly
2000-03-10 Ralf Nolden added tooltips and kdevelop handbooks chapter fold...
2000-03-10 Ralf Nolden regenerated german documentation with de as lang to...
2000-03-09 Ralf Nolden fixed documentation error in description to construct...
2000-03-09 Walter Tasin* self-explaining