2000-12-11 Falk Brettschneiderupdated to QextMDI-1.0.0 1.1
2000-12-10 Sandy Meierupdated for KDevelop1.3final
2000-12-08 Ralf Nolden removed setCaption calls in the App class which caused...
2000-12-05 Ralf Nolden fixed MDI template and start of application (test...
2000-12-03 Ralf Nolden fixed segfault on exit bug in KDE and Qt MDI template
2000-12-03 Ralf Noldenadded include <strings.h> for Unixware7
2000-12-02 Ralf Nolden2000-12-02 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-11-27 Sandy MeierKDevelop 1.3beta1 released
2000-11-26 Falk BrettschneiderThe attribute names of B_String are similar to QString...
2000-11-23 Walter Tasin* adding jbb's one2two script to the distribution and
2000-11-21 John BirchClicking on frame stack item was not going to the sourc...
2000-11-20 Walter Tasin* adding shared lib support to terminal applications
2000-11-16 Falk Brettschneiderwe are going to fix the new binPROGRAM stuff now! ;-)
2000-11-14 Falk Brettschneider- fixed slotStartDebug(), no getSubDir() any more ;
2000-11-08 John BirchFix dataType when a format string is specified in watch...
2000-11-08 John Birchremove trailing \n for watch variables (and others)
2000-11-06 Sandy Meiercommited patch by Jens Zurheide <zuzu@surf-callino...
2000-11-04 John Birchmakefile finding tidyup
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden*** empty log message ***
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-11-02 Sandy Meierborder around the pics
2000-10-31 Falk BrettschneiderNow, in Project->Options->Make Options, you can set...
2000-10-31 Ralf Nolden2000-10-31 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-10-30 Sandy Meier* added kdevdlg2ui (tool by Bernd Gehrmann <bernd@kdeve...
2000-10-30 Martin Piskernigfixed kimport installation (bin_SCRIPTS)
2000-10-29 Ralf Nolden2000-10-29 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-10-29 Martin Piskernig* installs kimport in correct directory ($KDEDIR/bin)
2000-10-29 Martin Piskernig* added kimport script by Ulrich Eckhardt <doomster...
2000-10-28 Ralf Nolden2000-10-19 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-10-27 Ralf Nolden added linguist support, fixed sgml error parser,
2000-10-26 Ralf Nolden added isQt2Project and isKDE2Project to
2000-10-18 Ralf Noldenchanged templates for qt2 and kde2 to make use of uic,
2000-10-18 Martin Piskernigbig update of hungarian documentation (and added new...
2000-10-15 Ralf Noldenupdated qt templates, now working with designer including
2000-10-10 Ralf Nolden fixed and updated qt2 sdi template to conform with...
2000-09-05 Ralf Nolden updated kde2normal template and processes.pl.in for...
2000-09-02 Ralf Nolden * added desinger .ui files to SOURCE in CProject to...
2000-07-14 Denis PershinThere's no any tutorial for Hungarian available.
2000-07-06 John BirchSeveral patches applied - see Changelog for details
2000-06-07 Martin Piskernigupdated hungarian translation and added tutorial
2000-05-21 Martin Piskernigfixed a tyop in german tutorial
2000-05-12 rfunkenCorrected german manual, fixed an error kde_libref...
2000-05-12 Sandy Meierupdated tipdatabase by GeZ <gzimmerm@info-ufr.univ...
2000-05-10 Frederik FouvrySome corrections
2000-05-04 Bernd GehrmannNew release
2000-05-02 Martin Piskernigupdated chinese manual
2000-05-02 Walter Tasin* removing segfault, if dialog preview is called w...
2000-05-02 rfunkenSynchronized with KDevelop 1.2 CVS
2000-05-01 John BirchThis might fix SIGBUS error on Solaris machines
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* removing "perl automoc" call, inside Makefile.dist
2000-05-01 John Birchremove hardwaired key accel in toolbar (how the hell...)
2000-04-30 rfunken* Comitted corrected german tutorial
2000-04-26 John BirchBug 2971 - Fix from Richard Dale supercedes prefix...
2000-04-20 John BirchChanging header file and the CV will lose the links...
2000-04-16 Ralf Nolden updated docs and german translations
2000-04-16 Sandy Meieradded GNOME template to the appwizard and updated the...
2000-04-15 Martin Piskernigupdated chinese translation
2000-04-15 Martin Piskernigupdated french tutorial html
2000-04-15 Francois-Xavier... french programming handbook
2000-04-12 rfunkenAdded translator to tutorial
2000-04-11 rfunken* Updated de.po
2000-04-10 Martin Piskernigupdated lots of spanish translations
2000-04-09 Walter Tasin* adding shared lib support
2000-04-09 John BirchRemove double instantiation of static icon array.
2000-04-09 rfunken* Bug #2970 messages fixed, Bug closed.
2000-04-09 Walter Tasin* solving bug #2972
2000-04-06 John Birchuse libtool for debugging shared libs
2000-04-06 Ralf Nolden fixed small parent bug in the startlogo
2000-04-05 rfunken* Added items for the new debugger feature to en and...
2000-04-04 Walter Tasin* adding all extensions (*.hh, *.cxx, etc.) to
2000-04-04 John Birchbug fixes on failing to open tty/pty
2000-04-03 John BirchInternal debugger optional separate terminal console...
2000-04-02 Walter Tasin* fixing a little problem with CVS remove from repository
2000-04-02 Walter Tasin* removing a file physically by RFV or LFV
2000-04-01 Denis PershinUse make doc to generate .html from .sgml.
2000-04-01 Denis PershinAlways use koi8-r for .html files in Russian.
2000-03-30 rfunken* Commited de and en manuals
2000-03-30 Ralf Nolden updated kde2 templates to generate html files of docbo...
2000-03-30 Sandy Meier* small fix in dialogeditor (no preview for fixed size)
2000-03-28 Falk Brettschneidererror message with wrong (old version) re-install hint...
2000-03-27 Ralf Nolden fixed old urls to kdevelop.org in german manual
2000-03-26 Walter Tasin* correcting some AppWizard stuff:
2000-03-25 rfunken* fixed an error in development_package.xpm. It wasn't
2000-03-23 Ralf Nolden fixed missing extern keyword in classparser, added...
2000-03-22 Falk Brettschneideradapted to QextMDI-1.0beta2
2000-03-21 Ralf Nolden updated manuals, added pixmaps for kpanel development...
2000-03-21 Ralf Nolden updated version infos to 1.2, updated manuals to match...
2000-03-19 Martin Piskernigupdated hungarian documentation
2000-03-19 Martin Piskernigupdated hungarian translations
2000-03-18 rfunken* Updated german manual
2000-03-18 Ralf Nolden added workaround for kdoc2 malformed urls (qt-cross...
2000-03-17 Ralf Nolden updated FAQ and handbooks, added OS defines to programming
2000-03-16 Ralf Nolden corrected some mistranslated tips in german tipdatabase
2000-03-16 Ralf Nolden updated kappwizard´s cvs page, added Qt 2.1 macros...
2000-03-16 Ralf Nolden documentation changes
2000-03-15 rfunken* Updated Authors section in de and en manuals
2000-03-15 Ralf Nolden updated developer´s Mini-Howto
2000-03-14 rfunkenCreated and committed the corresponding html files...
2000-03-13 Ralf Nolden*** empty log message ***
2000-03-13 Ralf Nolden*** empty log message ***