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2000-04-15 Martin Piskernigupdated chinese translation
2000-02-14 Hasso TepperUpdates.
2000-01-04 nobodyThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
1999-11-29 Martin Piskernigupdated pl.po and kdevelop.pot
1999-09-21 Martin Piskernigupdate it.po
1999-09-07 Martin Piskernigadded dutch doc parts
1999-09-07 nobodyThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
1999-08-27 Martin Piskernigadded pt_BR
1999-08-26 Francois-Xavier... Update.
1999-08-22 Martin Piskernigupdate de.po
1999-08-22 Kim EnkovaaraMany new translations, still extremely incomplete
1999-08-20 Martin Piskernigkdevelop.pot update
1999-08-20 Martin Piskernigadded simpl. chinese po-file
1999-08-14 Martin Piskernigtr.po update
1999-08-11 Martin Piskernigupdated it.po
1999-08-01 Martin Piskernigremoved README
1999-08-01 Martin Piskernigadded turkish translation
1999-08-01 Martin Piskernigpt.po update
1999-07-30 Martin Piskernighu.po update
1999-07-30 Martin Piskernigpl.po update
1999-07-29 Martin Piskernigfinal makefile.am update, works fully with am_edit now
1999-07-20 Martin Piskernigit.po update
1999-07-07 Martin Piskerniges.po update
1999-06-20 Martin Piskernigremoved comments from po files
1999-06-18 Martin Piskernigreadme for po
1999-06-14 Martin Piskernigczech translation
1999-06-13 Martin Piskernigde.po - finally version 0.4
1999-06-13 Martin Piskernigpt.po update
1999-06-13 Martin Piskernigupdate for swedish translation
1999-06-13 Martin Piskernigsv.po update
1999-06-12 Martin Piskernigru.po update
1999-06-12 Martin Piskernigfi.po - finnish translation
1999-06-11 Martin Piskernigsk.po update
1999-06-11 Martin Piskernigpl.po update
1999-06-10 Francois-Xavier... some fixes.
1999-06-07 Martin Piskernighu.po - hungarian translation
1999-06-06 Martin Piskerniges.po update
1999-06-01 Francois-Xavier... merged translations with latest kdevelop.pot
1999-05-31 Sandy Meier*some bugfixes in loading and generating dialogs, using...
1999-05-30 Francois-Xavier... added french translation by Herve Lefebvre.
1999-03-28 Sandy Meiercommit some translations pt,es,pl and ru
1999-03-09 Sandy Meier* fixed the bin_PROGRAM "bug" in newProject()
1999-02-11 Sandy Meier* Added KWrite's Default dialog and a Messagebox, if...
1999-02-01 Sandy Meier*** empty log message ***
1999-01-09 Sandy Meierinitial import of KDevelop (IDE)