2000-11-08 John BirchReposition clear and done buttons on dialog
2000-11-08 John BirchThese patches were lost between cvs v1.158.2.89 and 91
2000-11-07 Sandy Meiercommited patch by Micha Bieber <micha@ani.de> (support...
2000-11-06 Sandy Meierforgot someone
2000-11-06 Sandy Meiercommited patch by Jens Zurheide <zuzu@surf-callino...
2000-11-04 Martin Piskernigupdated spanish UI translation
2000-11-04 John Birchmakefile finding tidyup
2000-11-04 Ralf Noldenfixed api generating support for generated project...
2000-11-04 John BirchFix make dir problem if dir_for_make_blah() is empty
2000-11-04 John Birchsupport the perl version of kimport
2000-11-03 John BirchSome small fixes to kimport stuff
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden*** empty log message ***
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden2000-11-02 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-11-02 Sandy Meierborder around the pics
2000-11-02 Falk Brettschneiderimplemented the choice of using relative or absolute...
2000-11-01 Falk Brettschneidermade the pathes of 'Run make in' and 'Binary' relative...
2000-11-01 Falk Brettschneiderbigger resize (necessary for some fonts)
2000-11-01 John BirchStop segfault happening in classparser on loading kde2...
2000-10-31 Falk BrettschneiderQt-2.1 replaced by Qt-2.2
2000-10-31 Falk BrettschneiderNow, in Project->Options->Make Options, you can set...
2000-10-31 Ralf Nolden2000-10-31 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-10-30 Ralf Nolden2000-10-30 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-10-30 John BirchSegfault on "close all" when untitled files have changed
2000-10-30 Sandy Meier* added kdevdlg2ui (tool by Bernd Gehrmann <bernd@kdeve...
2000-10-30 Martin Piskernig* added kimport
2000-10-29 Ralf Nolden2000-10-29 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-10-29 Martin Piskernigupdated README (contains a section about kimport now)
2000-10-28 Falk Brettschneidersize adjusted
2000-10-28 Ralf Nolden2000-10-19 Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org>
2000-10-28 Ralf Noldenadded check for a Makefile in make clean in the base...
2000-10-27 Ralf Nolden fixed kbabel call bug ;)
2000-10-27 Ralf Nolden added linguist support, fixed sgml error parser,
2000-10-27 Falk BrettschneiderAnother new Feature!:
2000-10-26 Ralf Nolden added isQt2Project and isKDE2Project to
2000-10-21 Sandy Meiersome added infos
2000-10-19 Falk Brettschneideradded Make Clean
2000-10-19 Falk Brettschneideradded Make Clean
2000-10-18 Ralf Noldenchanged templates for qt2 and kde2 to make use of uic,
2000-10-18 Martin Piskernigbig update of hungarian documentation (and added new...
2000-10-15 Ralf Noldenupdated qt templates, now working with designer including
2000-10-10 Ralf Nolden fixed and updated qt2 sdi template to conform with...
2000-09-07 rfunken* Updated de.po and kdevelop.pot
2000-09-06 John BirchSwitch to VAR tab automatically
2000-09-05 Ralf Nolden updated kde2normal template and processes.pl.in for...
2000-09-02 Ralf Nolden * added desinger .ui files to SOURCE in CProject to...
2000-08-16 Christian CouderAdded new file type to add : Qt Designer's User Interfa...
2000-08-15 Christian CouderAdded Qt Designer as a tool in slotAuto.
2000-08-15 Christian CouderAdded a condition to switchToFile so that Qt Designer...
2000-08-15 Christian CouderAdded a new filter group for User Interface .ui files...
2000-07-20 Sandy Meiersmall bugfix
2000-07-07 John BirchJoachim's KDEDIR environment
2000-07-06 John BirchSeveral patches applied - see Changelog for details
2000-06-19 Falk Brettschneiderbugfix (not sure if it helps):
2000-06-07 Sandy Meiercommited "open_recent_project" patch by Hartig, Olaf...
2000-06-07 Martin Piskernigupdated hungarian translation and added tutorial
2000-06-03 Sandy Meiercommited patch by Stefan Hellwig <stefan@mercury.owl.de>
2000-05-12 rfunken* Forgot to write ChangeLog :-(
2000-05-12 rfunkenCorrected german manual, fixed an error kde_libref...
2000-05-04 Bernd GehrmannNew release
2000-05-03 Sandy Meier*** empty log message ***
2000-05-03 Sandy MeierKDevelop 1.2 will be released very soon... finaly the...
2000-05-02 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-05-02 Walter Tasin* removing segfault, if dialog preview is called w...
2000-05-02 Francois-Xavier... last update.
2000-05-02 rfunkenSynchronized with KDevelop 1.2 CVS
2000-05-02 rfunken* Telephone hotfix by R. Nolden :
2000-05-02 rfunken* Repeat search activated in browser window
2000-05-02 John Birchdebug accel key problems fixed
2000-05-02 John BirchSome debug accelerator key problems
2000-05-01 rfunken* Updated de.po
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* removing segfault posted by
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* adding some comments to make it clearer
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* correction recognition of multiple variable declaration
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* update KDevelop specific part of Makefile.am
2000-05-01 Walter Tasin* virtual operator method declaration were not found...
2000-04-30 rfunken* Comitted corrected german tutorial
2000-04-26 John BirchBug 2971 - Fix from Richard Dale supercedes prefix...
2000-04-25 John BirchAdd some class parser files and remove some clashes
2000-04-25 John Birchuse path fn rather than a piece of local code
2000-04-20 John BirchChanging header file and the CV will lose the links...
2000-04-16 Ralf Nolden updated docs and german translations
2000-04-16 Falk Brettschneidergenerate Makefile for doc/fr/programming, too
2000-04-16 Sandy Meieradded GNOME template to the appwizard and updated the...
2000-04-14 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-14 Walter Tasin* correcting workaround for SEGFAULT on QMultiLineEdit
2000-04-13 Walter Tasin* removing a slotFileSave()-call
2000-04-11 rfunken* Updated de.po
2000-04-11 Walter Tasin* correcting typo
2000-04-11 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-11 Walter Tasin* updating kdevelop.pot
2000-04-10 Martin Piskernigupdated lots of spanish translations
2000-04-10 Walter Tasin* self-explaining
2000-04-09 Walter Tasin* adding shared lib support
2000-04-09 John BirchRemove double instantiation of static icon array.
2000-04-09 rfunkenAdded Ralph Kocher's name to AUTHORS for the logo of...
2000-04-09 Ralf Nolden disabled open project button and accelerators when...