now uses a relative path for dir_where_make_will_be_called
[kdevelop:kdevelop.git] / kdevelop.m4
2000-02-26 Walter Tasin* adding usage of $QTDIR to search the qt-doc-path
2000-02-16 Walter Tasin* qt2kdoc does "file:/....." links, which cannot be...
2000-02-13 Walter Tasin* adding (en)-path for searching the kdelibs-documentation
2000-02-02 Bernd GehrmannMarked kdocindex_dir obsolete
2000-02-02 Walter Tasin* adding the NetBSD qt-document path
2000-01-25 Walter Tasin* removing unnecessary libraries like -lkspell, -lgif...
1999-10-31 Bernd Gehrmann* With kdoc2, use "doc_kde/kdoc-reference" if kdoc_inde...
1999-09-30 Walter Tasin* adding the path of the kdk standard path for kdelibs...
1999-08-06 Bernd GehrmannFix
1999-07-16 Bernd Gehrmannkdoc2 support everywhere
1999-07-08 Bernd GehrmannModified build system
1999-07-04 Bernd Gehrmann* New documentation tree
1999-06-24 Bernd GehrmannAutoconfified Qt and kdelibs doc path