2004-10-03 Stephan Kulowupdate by script v3.1.1
2004-10-03 Stephan Kulownew version
2004-09-30 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-09-27 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-09-21 Stephan BinnerFix button order, we're not GNOME
2004-09-20 Giovanni Venturii18n fix
2004-09-17 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-09-03 Giovanni Venturiupdated to automake 1.9 and upper
2004-08-30 Jens Dagerbobackported bugfix for 86816
2004-08-27 Harald Fernengelbackport of kompare/kdiff3 fix
2004-08-26 Stephan BinnerBug 86552: typo: wrong closing tag (normal)
2004-08-26 Stephan BinnerBug 86551: typo: wrong closing tag (normal)
2004-08-24 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-08-22 Jens DagerboMake sure we embed texteditorparts (kate) as texteditors
2004-08-21 Jens DagerboProperly wire up the "on external changes" settings.
2004-08-16 Jens DagerboAs we can't switch back from katepart, disallow it...
2004-08-12 Ian Reinhart... Do not create files in the archive at the top level... v3.1.0
2004-08-12 Ian Reinhart... Fixed bug where not all files where getting exported...
2004-08-10 Stephan BinnerCompile with Qt 3.2
2004-08-09 Ian Reinhart... Backport of missing template junk from head.
2004-08-05 nobodyThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-08-05 Stephan BinnerUpdate .lsm
2004-08-04 Stephan Kulowkdevelop 3.1
2004-08-03 Amilcar do... Update the version info.
2004-08-03 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-08-02 Jens DagerboNew app icon
2004-08-02 Jens DagerboKDevAssistant and KDevDesigner application icons from...
2004-08-02 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-08-01 Jens DagerboSplashimage fixlets from Ramon.
2004-08-01 Jens DagerboSimple UI fix.
2004-08-01 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-07-31 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-07-29 Anne-Marie... commit on behalf of ita
2004-07-28 Alexander DymoRestored proper file encoding.
2004-07-28 Alexander DymoFixed wxWidgets template.
2004-07-28 Jens DagerboThis is probably what was intended.
2004-07-28 George StaikosexactMatch() returns bool, not int. Please review...
2004-07-28 George Staikostrigraph
2004-07-28 Jens DagerboAdding Frank B. Brokken's excellent C++ Annotations to
2004-07-27 Script KiddyCVS_SILENT made messages
2004-07-26 Alexander DymoFixed wrong ifdefs in generated classes.
2004-07-26 Alexander DymoDo not put into plugin ignore list debugger and doxygen...
2004-07-24 Jens DagerboAlso print the name of the parsed file. Helps give...
2004-07-23 Alexander DymoOops, corrected wrong local changes.
2004-07-23 Alexander DymoFixed build system to allow compilation of external...
2004-07-23 Amilcar do... Fix a link
2004-07-23 Stephan BinnerFix compilation with Qt 3.2
2004-07-23 Jonas Jacobifixed declartion of method options() (made it const)
2004-07-22 Alexander DymoGUI: added a setting to turn off KDevDesigner integration.
2004-07-21 Jens DagerboGah! Reverting string changes..
2004-07-20 Jens DagerboMoving CVSService and Subversion to project scope.
2004-07-20 Bram SchoenmakersCVS_SILENT Typo
2004-07-19 Jens DagerboFix crash (#84961) and missing file suffix (#85260...
2004-07-19 Jens DagerboAdding settings page icon
2004-07-19 Dominik Haumanns/markType10/markType07
2004-07-19 Jonas Jacobifixing potential crash
2004-07-18 Matt Rogersdon't set an XMLGUI file when you're don't have one...
2004-07-17 Albert Astals CidFix typo that was creating a warning in make -f Makefil...
2004-07-17 Alexander DymoDo not allow to add the same file twice.
2004-07-17 Alexander DymoPartialy resolved focusing problems of kdevdesigner...
2004-07-17 Alexander DymoDisabled KMdi dock config restoration - it is too buggy...
2004-07-17 Alexander DymoDisabled unfinished pdf plugin.
2004-07-17 Alexander DymoRemember the number of documentation toolbox opened...
2004-07-17 Stephan Kulowupdating lsm files
2004-07-17 Stephan Kulownew version
2004-07-16 Jens DagerboWhen in alertUser-mode, there is a strange crash case...
2004-07-15 Jens DagerboAdding settings page icon
2004-07-15 Jens DagerboAdding settings page icon
2004-07-15 Jens DagerboAdding support for settings page icons
2004-07-15 Jens DagerboAdding settings page icon
2004-07-15 Tobias Gläßer- Since only CvsService is maintained and also the...
2004-07-14 Stephan BinnerCVS_SILENT i18n style guide fix
2004-07-14 Bernd PolA bunch of clarifications and error corrections to...
2004-07-14 Stephan BinnerCVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes
2004-07-14 Mathieu Chouinardsmall fix
2004-07-14 Jens Dagerbooops. forgot to edit out my local changes
2004-07-14 Stephan BinnerCVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes
2004-07-14 Stephan BinnerCVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes and fixuifiles
2004-07-14 Amilcar do... Fix the API documentation links
2004-07-14 Jens DagerboSupposed to be the last part of the autoreload on exter...
2004-07-14 John RatkeAdd a help button to the settings dialog.
2004-07-13 Alexander Dymodescribed <index> tag in kdevtoc format
2004-07-13 Jens DagerboFollowing the tradition of having a new splash with...
2004-07-13 Stephan BinnerRevert compound stuff - no time left for discussion
2004-07-13 Mathieu Chouinardadded the pdf support the list of subdir to build
2004-07-13 Mathieu ChouinardI know I definitly suck when I code and I lack some...
2004-07-13 Mathieu ChouinardI made them here too :)
2004-07-13 Mathieu Chouinardfixed a stupid bug
2004-07-13 Mathieu Chouinardfixed some problems
2004-07-13 Bernd PolMore documentation plugin setup stuff
2004-07-13 Mathieu Chouinardfixed the file names
2004-07-13 Mathieu Chouinardwrong file name
2004-07-13 Tobias Gläßerupdate of my credits.
2004-07-13 Tobias GläßerUsability fix. Executeable targets can now be executed...
2004-07-12 Mathieu Chouinardstubs for pdf support
2004-07-12 Mathieu Chouinardstubs for palmdoc support
2004-07-12 Mathieu Chouinardbasic support for djvu doc (not working)
2004-07-12 Stephan BinnerLess invented compound nouns (filename, username, hostname)
2004-07-12 Helio Chissini... Stated on db configure:
2004-07-12 Bernd PolMake it compile