Consider the files reload a project reloading, so it takes the lock and everything.
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2010-03-13 Jonathan Schmidt... Fixed links to
2008-09-14 Amilcar do Carmo... Update info URLs
2007-10-07 Andreas PakulatFix the url
2007-10-07 Andreas PakulatUpdate the apidox-build information
2007-03-17 Alexander DymoExplicitly state we require doxygen >= 1.5.0 (mostly...
2007-03-17 Alexander DymoUpdate files to provide correct KDE4/KDevelop4 data
2003-10-02 Amilcar do Carmo... More gideon->kdevelop and Gideon->KDevelop renames
2003-09-21 Amilcar do Carmo... Alpha7
2003-07-05 Alexander Dymochanged alpha number from 4 to 5
2003-03-19 Caleb Tennis*** empty log message ***
2003-03-08 Harald Fernengelwe use doxygen now
2002-11-19 Caleb Tennisalpha2 change
2002-10-07 Caleb TennisUpdating for Gideon
2002-02-08 Harald Fernengelno more Qt2 support
2001-10-01 Ralf Noldenadded info for build support under KDE 2.2 and KDE...
2001-08-26 Eray Ozkural* added small note regarding .moc files
2001-06-25 Bernd Gehrmann * Implemented Add subproject
2001-04-04 Matthias Hoelzer... CVS_SILENT: More sources to add.
2000-05-03 John BirchWarn people ...
1999-10-24 Sandy Meiercommited first experimental!!! MDI version
1999-10-21 Bernd Gehrmann* Further kdlgedit restructuring: Use KDlgEdit
1999-08-22 Sandy Meier* fixed another bug in sourcecode generation (kdlgedit)
1999-08-18 Ralf Nolden*** empty log message ***
1999-08-01 Sandy Meier* fixed reconfigure bug in "project->options"
1999-07-27 Sandy Meier* fixed some bugs in kdlgedit, commented out some not...
1999-07-13 Sandy Meiercommit patch by Walter Tasin
1999-05-29 Sandy Meier* added configurable viewmod to LFV
1999-03-07 Sandy Meier* added qt-base-appl screenshot
1999-03-03 Sandy Meier *commented the workspace-feature
1999-02-10 Sandy MeierSeveral changes and bugfixes in the projectmanagment
1999-01-09 Sandy Meierinitial import of KDevelop (IDE)