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2010-08-30 Andreas PakulatMerge branch 'merge_okteta'
2008-09-16 Andreas PakulatReflect reality a bit better. Alexander, Matt if any...
2008-09-14 Amilcar do Carmo... Update info URLs
2007-08-07 Matt RogersReflect current reality.
2004-06-21 Robert GruberAdded self
2004-02-24 Jens DagerboAdded self :)
2004-02-15 Amilcar do Carmo... Some more credits update.
2004-02-15 Ian Reinhart GeiserI guess I need to accept the blame for these things...
2003-11-01 Dominik HaumannKTabWidget -> KDevTabWidget,
2003-07-05 Alexander Dymoat last i've found a moment to mention myself here;)
2003-06-27 Mario ScalasAdded myself to the author lists ;-)
2002-12-31 Caleb Tennisadding me
2002-12-19 Roberto Raggichanged my email address from
2002-11-11 Yann Hodiquenew splashscreen by Marion Klein
2002-08-25 Mickael Marchandadding myself
2002-08-22 Harald Fernengelchanges and credits
2002-08-13 Harald FernengelCredited Yann Hodique
2002-05-03 Bernd GehrmannVictor & Simon
2002-04-14 Bernd Gehrmannupdate
2002-04-07 Bernd Gehrmann* Fixed existing and potential memory leaks in class...
2002-03-04 Sandy Meier*** empty log message ***
2002-02-09 Harald Fernengelcredited Robert for his qedit part
2001-06-12 Bernd Gehrmann* New part regexptest for testing regular expressions
2001-05-22 Bernd GehrmannAdded a new part 'FileView' which shows all files of
2001-04-04 Matthias Hoelzer... CVS_SILENT: More sources to add.
2001-03-04 Omid Givi*** empty log message ***
2000-12-29 Ivan HawkesUpdating author list.
2000-01-15 Falk Brettschneiderfirst experimental !!! floatable version (for Toplevel...
2000-01-11 Sandy Meiercommited htdig patch by Alexis Mikhailov" <alexis@abc...
1999-11-18 Sandy Meier*** empty log message ***
1999-11-09 Sandy Meier* commited new QtextMDI version 0.3 by Falk Brettschneider
1999-10-24 Sandy Meiercommited first experimental!!! MDI version
1999-10-14 Stefan Bartelinclude "qregexp.h" in grepview.cpp
1999-09-23 Sandy Meiercommited checklistbox (taken from kdestudio) and first...
1999-08-22 Sandy Meier*** empty log message ***
1999-08-22 Martin Piskernigadded chinese translation author
1999-08-09 Jonas NordinAdded Pau Estalella Fernandez <> to...
1999-08-03 Sandy Meiericommited patch by Stephan Uhlmann (
1999-08-02 Ralf Nolden*** empty log message ***
1999-07-26 Sandy Meier* commit patch by Gordon Tyler <
1999-07-22 Sandy Meier*** empty log message ***
1999-06-12 Sandy Meier* many bugfixes
1999-06-10 Sandy Meier* implemented complete new dialog-handling to support...
1999-05-29 Sandy Meier* added configurable viewmod to LFV
1999-04-16 Sandy Meier* Terminal Application are now started with xterm/konso...
1999-02-24 Sandy Meier* moved the KeyConfigDlg to KDevelop Setup (KeyChooser)
1999-02-23 Sandy Meier* added an icon-generation to the newfile dlg
1999-02-16 Sandy Meiercommit the i18n() patches and the german translation...
1999-02-10 Sandy MeierSeveral changes and bugfixes in the projectmanagment
1999-02-02 Sandy Meierfixed the tabview-bug on startup and
1999-01-09 Sandy Meierinitial import of KDevelop (IDE)