2012-09-21 Lukas Tinklimplement systemd support for PowerDevil Policy Agent
2012-09-21 Lukas Tinklpropagate changes from the Date/Time control module...
2012-09-20 Rohan GargFix the kwin KCM to read cascaded configs
2012-09-20 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-09-20 Ralf Jungplasmaclock: Fix calendar resizing
2012-09-19 Michael HohmuthDo not autoraise a window unless the mouse has been...
2012-09-19 Thomas LübkingDo not unlist Unmanaged when released onShutdown
2012-09-19 Thomas LübkingSync script loading, KConfGroup is not thread safe
2012-09-19 Thomas LübkingDo not add extra padding to Client::visibleRect()
2012-09-19 Thomas Lübkingfix desktopgrid window manage on VD amount change
2012-09-19 Thomas LübkingUse expandedGeometry to calc thumbnail geometry
2012-09-19 Thomas Lübkingfix ignoring dektop related windows for showing desktop...
2012-09-18 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-09-18 Rohan GargUse cascaded configs for other modules as well
2012-09-18 Rohan GargUse the CascadeConfig flag as this allows the KCM to...
2012-09-18 Alberto VillaFix free space information in the device notifier
2012-09-16 Martin GräßlinImprove performance of Scene::Window
2012-09-13 Patrick von... mingw compile fix, disable crazy exports also on mingw
2012-09-13 Patrick von... windows x64 fix
2012-09-11 Martin T. H... make the plasma python scripts work with python 3
2012-09-11 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-09-10 Alex FiestasPrevent divide by Zero in backlighthelper (patch by...
2012-09-09 Lamarque V... Do not unnecessarily show "Restart Computer" button...
2012-09-08 Martin GräßlinInitialize m_vBlankTime in Options
2012-09-08 Martin GräßlinDrop supperfluous and wrong inactive check in transluce...
2012-09-07 Hugo Pereira... Check transitionWidget validity before setting duration.
2012-09-07 Martin GräßlinDrop openoffice.org 1.x related hack for windowType...
2012-09-07 Martin GräßlinDrop hack for NET::Menu means NET::TopMenu
2012-09-07 Martin GräßlinRemove animations from Translucency effect
2012-09-07 Martin GräßlinImprove the various checks in Translucency Effect
2012-09-07 Martin GräßlinTranslucency Effect supports isActive hook
2012-09-05 Martin GräßlinEnsure that the start Client to build up the ClientMode...
2012-09-05 Marco Martinfix setLocation behavior
2012-09-04 Christoph FeckDo not use hardcoded font family and size
2012-09-04 Martin GräßlinReturn displayHeight for property displayHeight and...
2012-09-02 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-31 Aurélien GâteauImprove contrast of Oxygen colors
2012-08-31 Rohan GargMake sure the plasma desktop scripts are sorted in...
2012-08-31 Gregor TätznerAdd keyboard navigation to Kickoff GUI (within and...
2012-08-29 Albert Astals CidUpdate version for 4.9.1
2012-08-29 Hugo Pereira... properly deal with invalid colors when calculating...
2012-08-29 Hugo Pereira... Fix bug when resetting motions to -1 on enter event...
2012-08-29 Marco Martinadd a delegate image for the drag
2012-08-29 Montel LaurentReturn correct SH_MessageBox_TextInteractionFlags other...
2012-08-28 Thomas LübkingEnsure main.qml presence
2012-08-28 Thomas Lübkingfix flicker with fullscreen effects
2012-08-28 Thomas Lübkingkill killhelper in client destructor
2012-08-28 Thomas Lübkingdo not show clientmenu if button is down for 2nd click
2012-08-28 Thomas Lübkingignore dockers for showingDesktop state
2012-08-28 Thomas Lübkingfix untabbing position
2012-08-28 Thomas Lübkingdelay unsynced window ready_for_painting state
2012-08-28 Hugo Pereira... Fixed positioning of tabs when manually reordering...
2012-08-27 Hugo Pereira... Fix endless recursion with MDI shadows
2012-08-27 Craig DrummondDon't associate an app to a launcher if both have valid...
2012-08-27 Kai Uwe BroulikMake Startup Feedback Effect aka Bouncing Cursor respec...
2012-08-26 Martin GräßlinStart building up of ClientModel with the first Client...
2012-08-26 Martin GräßlinUse the first client as entrance to the focus chain...
2012-08-26 Jacopo De SimoiReserve space for text and free space bar
2012-08-25 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-23 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-22 Jacopo De SimoiDelay setting passive status
2012-08-22 Jacopo De SimoiChange icon to reflect (un)mount success/failure
2012-08-22 Martin Kollermake the client shutdown timeout configurable
2012-08-22 Yuri ChornoivanAdd missing icon (thanks to Ludovic Grossard for spotting).
2012-08-21 Christoph FeckFix multiple issues in colors KCM
2012-08-21 Christoph FeckUse forward declaration
2012-08-19 Martin GräßlinReset shader state in TrackMouse effect prior to render it
2012-08-18 Lamarque V... Show menu instead of triggering default action when...
2012-08-17 Raphael Kubo... Include <signal.h> for kill(2)
2012-08-17 Raphael Kubo... Use C-style comments after kdelibs commit 49c4f6c.
2012-08-17 Martin GräßlinEnsure that titleHeight is at least height of buttons
2012-08-17 Martin GräßlinEffects can provide support information through properties
2012-08-17 Martin GräßlinVerify QVariant is valid before casting to Client*
2012-08-17 Martin GräßlinProperly elide text in large icons TabBox theme
2012-08-17 Martin GräßlinHonor the decoration font in Aurorae
2012-08-17 Lamarque V... Fix menu items not clickable problem in QML shutdown...
2012-08-17 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-16 Michael ZanettiMake the brightness OSD adjust its size to the used...
2012-08-16 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-15 Martin Kollerincrease the width of group items in the popup
2012-08-14 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-14 Rolf Eike Beerfix wrong panel positioning, especially when more than...
2012-08-14 Jekyll WuDo not trigger krunner when the Space key is pressed
2012-08-14 Lamarque V... Show the whole picture in shutdown dialog.
2012-08-13 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-12 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-11 Thomas Lübkinguse virtual screen size when desktop is resized
2012-08-11 Thomas Lübkinghide horizontal wheel events from the deco list
2012-08-11 Thomas Lübkingensure the feedbackRect is always up-to-date
2012-08-11 Thomas LübkingFix tabboxconfig copy operator
2012-08-11 Thomas Lübkingcheck desktopNameFrame pointer in cube effect
2012-08-11 Lamarque V... Fix problem with menus not clickable in QML shutdown...
2012-08-10 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2012-08-10 Martin GräßlinMove blur behind setting for dashboard to windowAdded...
2012-08-10 Martin GräßlinProperly calculate the offset between multiple screens...
2012-08-10 Martin GräßlinDelay maximize operation by one event cycle
2012-08-09 Alex MerryMPRIS2: assume the position is 0 when stopped
2012-08-08 Martin KollerFix calculation of notification timeout
2012-08-08 Martin KollerMerge branch 'KDE/4.9' of git://anongit.kde.org/kde...
2012-08-08 Martin KollerFix namespace usage; remove obsolete member var