last changeFri, 28 May 2010 19:00:18 +0000 (21:00 +0200)
2010-05-28 Erlend Hambergmove over folded regions when just moving the cursor master
2010-05-28 Bernhard Beschowrename KTE::Document::internalEdit* ~> KTE::Document...
2010-05-28 Erlend Hambergcorrect end column
2010-05-28 Erlend Hambergfix crash: don't delete past EOL
2010-05-26 Dominik HaumannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-05-26 Dominik Haumannfix crash in sort method of document sort list proxy...
2010-05-26 Ignat SemenovSVN commit 1130905 by isemenov:
2010-05-25 Erlend Hambergset command line text after opening command line.
2010-05-25 Erlend Hambergfix embarrassing error: a+b ≠ a+a
2010-05-24 Dominik Haumanntranslation: add missing i18n() calls
2010-05-24 Dominik Haumannfind: put the caret at the end of the match
2010-05-23 Dominik Haumannemit selectionChanged() on selection mode change
2010-05-23 Dominik Haumannmake visual hint work for active view
2010-05-23 Dominik Haumannfix: include window configuration is partially ignored
2010-05-22 Dominik Haumannfix: wrong selection after comment & toggleComment
2010-05-21 Christoph Cullmannfix katepart version, 3.5
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