2010-08-30 Dominik Haumannwarn the user, if the document was modified before...
2010-08-30 Dominik Haumannuse "folder" icon instead of "folder-blue"
2010-08-29 Michel LudwigSVN commit 1169580 by mludwig:
2010-08-29 Christoph Cullmannremove edit source, good idea, never got really used...
2010-08-29 Christoph Cullmannint => bool, typo
2010-08-29 Christoph Cullmannremove other queued connect, was no longer used
2010-08-29 Christoph Cullmannno smart lock, no queued connects
2010-08-29 Christoph Cullmannguard the new code
2010-08-29 Michel LudwigSVN commit 1169440 by mludwig:
2010-08-29 Christoph Cullmannless complexity
2010-08-29 Christoph Cullmannremove the need for kateedit there
2010-08-28 Christoph Cullmannless internal API
2010-08-28 Christoph Cullmannstart to remove KateEdit, we don't need two histories...
2010-08-27 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1168386 by mentasti:
2010-08-27 Andrius ŠtikonasSVN commit 1168020 by stikonas:
2010-08-25 Christoph Cullmannshrink enum
2010-08-25 Jaime Torres... SVN commit 1167869 by jtamate:
2010-08-25 Erlend Hambergonly six points are needed (and used)
2010-08-25 Christoph Cullmannremove old test regression
2010-08-23 Christoph Cullmannless locks, now that no longer allowed to be accessed...
2010-08-23 Christoph Cullmannremove no longer neede threadlocal storage, nobody...
2010-08-23 Thomas FjellstromSVN commit 1167022 by tfjellstrom:
2010-08-23 Thomas FjellstromSVN commit 1167015 by tfjellstrom:
2010-08-23 Thomas FjellstromSVN commit 1166996 by tfjellstrom:
2010-08-23 Pascal LétourneauSVN commit 1166732 by pletourn:
2010-08-23 Albert Astals CidSVN commit 1166703 by aacid:
2010-08-23 Pascal LétourneauSVN commit 1166438 by pletourn:
2010-08-23 Pascal LétourneauSVN commit 1166433 by pletourn:
2010-08-23 Albert Astals CidSVN commit 1166432 by aacid:
2010-08-23 Pascal LétourneauSVN commit 1166429 by pletourn:
2010-08-23 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1165548 by mentasti:
2010-08-16 Milian Wolffmake sure no completion model is registered twice,...
2010-08-15 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1163279 by mentasti:
2010-08-15 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1163230 by mentasti:
2010-08-15 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1163227 by mentasti:
2010-08-15 Kåre SärsSVN commit 1162348 by sars:
2010-08-15 Kåre SärsSVN commit 1162318 by sars:
2010-08-15 Dominik Haumannprevent possible invalid KateGlobal pointer
2010-08-15 Dominik HaumannincRef/decRef for KateGlobal to make singleton valid
2010-08-13 Christoph Cullmannlast KateSmartCursor usage purged in the part
2010-08-11 Christoph Cullmannmissed a smart* include in the view
2010-08-11 Christoph Cullmannfirst try to have a kate part without smart* stuff
2010-08-11 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1161681 by mentasti:
2010-08-11 Christoph CullmannMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/15' of git://gitoriou...
2010-08-11 Christoph CullmannMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/14' of git://gitoriou...
2010-08-11 Christoph CullmannMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of git://gitoriou...
2010-08-09 Milian Wolffalso add semicolon when adding parent classes
2010-08-08 Christoph CullmannMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/12' of git://gitoriou...
2010-08-07 Christoph Cullmanndebug helper output, show me if a loading try with...
2010-08-07 Matthew WoehlkeSVN commit 1158818 by mwoehlke:
2010-08-07 Christian LooseBUG 208762 15
2010-08-07 Christian LooseMerge remote branch 'kate-mainline/master'
2010-08-07 Christian LooseBUG 197001 14
2010-08-07 Christian LooseBUG 246647 13
2010-08-06 Christian LooseBUG 239866 12
2010-08-04 Milian Wolfffix: this code was inside the foreach where it most...
2010-08-04 DianaImprove error handling. Warn the user if the swap file...
2010-08-03 Kåre SärsSVN commit 1158785 by sars:
2010-08-03 Laurent MontelSVN commit 1157875 by mlaurent:
2010-08-03 Milian Wolffproperly stricke out text (which is actually called...
2010-08-03 Milian Wolffimprove txt2tags syntax file, thanks to Eric Forgeot...
2010-08-02 Milian Wolffimprove rpm spec syntax highlighting
2010-07-31 Andrew ColesSVN commit 1157518 by coles:
2010-07-31 Andreas HolzammerSVN commit 1157186 by aholzammer:
2010-07-31 Kåre SärsSVN commit 1156545 by sars:
2010-07-31 Kåre SärsSVN commit 1156544 by sars:
2010-07-31 Christoph Cullmannfix crash for multiple main windows
2010-07-30 Dmitry SuzdalevMerge dimsuz-kate MR #11:
2010-07-29 Diana"no syncing" config option done
2010-07-29 Christophe... SVN commit 1156073 by cgiboudeaux:
2010-07-29 Raphael Kubo... SVN commit 1156387 by rkcosta:
2010-07-28 Dianaadding disable swap file syncing option.. still needs...
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffincrease revision, what ever good that is for - but...
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffone more fix I missed
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffupdate help text
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffmake it yet even easier to use map, filter and each...
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffshow errors in command line scripts in a qWhatsThis...
2010-07-26 Milian Wolfffix indentation
2010-07-26 Milian Wolfffix syntax error in utils.js (shame on me :P)
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffit's now possible to pass a proper separator to join...
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffadd map utility function, use it in trim, ltrim and...
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffuse filter in rmblank
2010-07-26 Milian Wolffadd filter utilility function
2010-07-25 Christoph Cullmannok, back to 64 lines per block, better no experiments...
2010-07-25 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1154476 by mentasti:
2010-07-25 David FaureSVN commit 1153279 by dfaure:
2010-07-25 Christoph Cullmannfix coding style, please, add docs, add some newlines...
2010-07-23 Dmitry SuzdalevChange doubleClicked() to activated() to honor user... 11
2010-07-22 David NoldenSVN commit 1153127 by zwabel:
2010-07-22 David NoldenSVN commit 1152789 by zwabel:
2010-07-22 Milian Wolfffix regression leading to wrong highlighting
2010-07-22 Dmitry SuzdalevImprovements for the Quick Switcher plugin.
2010-07-22 Milian Wolffadd tests for movinginterface signals
2010-07-21 Marco MentastiSVN commit 1152551 by mentasti:
2010-07-21 Christoph FeckSVN commit 1152403 by cfeck:
2010-07-21 Kåre SärsSVN commit 1151915 by sars:
2010-07-21 Sebastian PippingSVN commit 1151786 by sping:
2010-07-21 Dirk MuellerSVN commit 1150988 by mueller:
2010-07-21 Dirk MuellerSVN commit 1150987 by mueller:
2010-07-21 Dianaimprove the use of the timer