2009-10-19 reza shahmerge from kamoso master master
2009-10-15 Alex FiestasModified default value, from 20 to 2.
2009-10-13 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kamoso/mainline
2009-10-13 Alex FiestasImportant fix on video-recording
2009-10-09 Aleix PolMerge commit 'c7f75ae'
2009-10-09 Aleix PolAdded translations for czech and greek.
2009-10-01 Alex FiestasMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1665' of git://gitori...
2009-10-01 akademyTODO updated
2009-09-29 Alex FiestasReplace spaces by tabs in rshah merge request
2009-09-29 Alex FiestasMerge branches 'master' and 'rsah'
2009-09-27 reza shahadd i18nc to device combobox text
2009-09-24 reza shahAdd vendor name and display it at combo box
2009-09-17 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kamoso/mainline
2009-09-17 Alex FiestasReplaced set_drawable by xwindow because drawable has...
2009-09-17 Alex Fiestasconfig-nepomuk.h.cmake needed to make nepomuk optional :)
2009-09-17 Alex FiestasAdded some nepomuk magic in kamoso. kamoso tag is added...
2009-09-16 Aleix PolMerge branch 'master' into stable stable
2009-09-16 Aleix PolMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1523' of git://gitori...
2009-09-16 José Manuel... Added galician translation.
2009-09-15 Aleix PolUpdated version number for stable.
2009-09-15 Aleix PolMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1491' of gitorious...
2009-09-15 Aleix PolMake it possible to install translations.
2009-09-15 Aleix PolMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kamoso/mainline
2009-09-15 Aleix PolFix warning
2009-09-14 Alex FiestasUploaded the first version of spanish translation.
2009-09-13 Aleix PolMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1488' of git://gitori...
2009-09-13 Aleix PolMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1478' of git://gitori...
2009-09-13 José Manuel... Use some icons for the preferences dialog.
2009-09-13 José Manuel... Connect the countdown's finished signal outside the...
2009-09-13 Alex FiestasNow that we've stable version, the git one must conflic...
2009-09-12 Alex FiestasMakes the code a bit more beatiful :p
2009-09-12 Alex FiestasFixed a bug while dealing with mwallet. This should...
2009-09-12 Alex FiestasAdded deactivate virtual function in shootmode and...
2009-09-12 Panagiotis... Update the German translation
2009-09-12 Alex FiestasRestored the "setBrightness back" function now only...
2009-09-12 Alex FiestasSet currentTime to 0 when the countdown is canceled...
2009-09-12 Aleix PolAdded catalan translation
2009-09-12 Aleix PolUpdated translation file.
2009-09-12 Aleix PolLet the user to cancel the photo taking when unchecking...
2009-09-12 Aleix PolRemoved unused API.
2009-09-12 Aleix PolFixed some burst mode semantics.
2009-09-12 Aleix PolIf we request for a specific plugin before it's been...
2009-09-12 Aleix PolMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kamoso/mainline
2009-09-11 Aleix Poladded author file
2009-09-11 Aleix PolAdded some needed license files
2009-09-10 Panagiotis... Initial German translation
2009-09-10 Panagiotis... [yY]outube -> YouTube
2009-09-10 Panagiotis... [yY]outube -> YouTube
2009-09-09 Panagiotis... Modified 3 strings, make them comply to KDE HIG
2009-09-09 Aleix PolFixed compilation on some systems
2009-09-09 Aleix Polfix typos by albert.
2009-09-09 Aleix Poler.. :$
2009-09-09 Aleix PolFixed layouts.
2009-09-09 Aleix PolPlacing settings menu
2009-09-09 Aleix PolDo not crash if there is no webcam
2009-09-09 Aleix PolAdded some icon.
2009-09-09 Aleix PolFix typo
2009-09-09 Aleix PolFix compilation
2009-09-09 Aleix PolAdded some translation support
2009-09-09 Aleix Poltooltip when chosing mode.
2009-09-09 Aleix Polsmall cleanup
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasModified copyright
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kamoso/mainline
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kamoso/mainline
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasAdded dynamic mimetype depending of the mode, each...
2009-09-09 Aleix Poladd missing file
2009-09-09 Aleix PolAdded youtube icons
2009-09-09 Aleix PolSome tunning on the semaphore
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasNew dialog working perfectlu, with or withour KWwallet...
2009-09-09 Aleix PolSome interface makeup.
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasNew dialog ++, only 1 bug reaming
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasRemoved unused buttom, it have no sense in this dialog
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasReplaced the old auth dialog with the standar PasswordD...
2009-09-09 Aleix PolFixed down state for shoot mode switch.
2009-09-09 Aleix PolMake shoot modes configurable.
2009-09-09 Alex FiestasChanged desciption of Video information dialog
2009-09-09 Aleix PolRemoved items from the menu in KDirOperator.
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasNotification stuff done. In the sprint we'll decide...
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasMerge branch 'youtube'
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasYoutube plugin should be almost complete, time to merge!
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasSome UI tweaks in the dialogs
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasAdded meta-info from dialog. Not polished yet
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasYoutube manager no longuer exists
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasYoutubeManager morph into YoutubeJob :)
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasCouple of fixes plus developer key moved to a define
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasWhen the username/password are not correct, youtube...
2009-09-06 Alex Fiestasyoutube plugin now integrates with kwallet.
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasLogin String unhardcoded
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasSlug has been unhardcoded too
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasUnhardcoded video path
2009-09-06 Alex Fiestasyoutube manager full working :) but moooooooooooooooooo...
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasTODO updated, less things to be done!
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasRestored compatibility with KDE 4.3 (solid 4.3 doesn...
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasYoutube plugin is able to upload files now :) the data...
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasRemoved old traces of libv4l2 and kopeteav
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasRemoved any trace of libgdata, at least until we decide...
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasBurst mode now check if the timeInterval is minnor...
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasAdded a new start method to countdownwidget, wich have...
2009-09-06 Alex FiestasRemoved no-sense code commented.
2009-09-05 Alex FiestasUps removed destructor of burstMode, the action is...