Added Integer::int global function.
[kakapo:rurbans-kakapo.git] / setup.nqp
2010-03-21 Austin HastingsAdded Integer::int global function.
2010-03-21 Austin Hastings* Added Matcher::P*T::Node modules in src/Matchers...
2010-03-18 Austin HastingsRelease prep.
2010-03-18 Austin HastingsGot MockFS, FileSystem at least partially working.
2010-03-17 Austin HastingsReinstated File.nqp to get Nqp.nqp working, for Whitekn...
2010-03-16 Austin HastingsAdded "auto_accessors" to P6metaclass.nqp; Added MockFS...
2010-03-16 Austin HastingsAdded FileSystem.nqp, Path.nqp. Completed use case...
2010-03-15 Austin HastingsAdded Multisub.nqp to generate multisubs/multimethods.
2010-03-15 Austin HastingsAdded NQP::compile_file, testcase.
2010-03-12 Austin HastingsFixed up some leftover git merge dingleberries.
2010-03-12 Austin HastingsMerged, again.
2010-03-12 Austin HastingsIncorporated Whiteknight's install changes.
2010-03-12 Austin Hastings * Some rudimentary changes to 'Program' to get it...
2010-03-11 Whiteknightupdate setup.nqp to properly install files. Thanks...
2010-03-10 Austin HastingsRefactored ComponentMarshaller.nqp out of Program,...
2010-03-09 Austin Hastings* release-8 (08 Mar, 2010)
2010-03-09 Austin HastingsGot cuckoo() mocking system working. (Now it just needs...
2010-03-04 Austin HastingsCheckpoint.
2010-03-01 Austin HastingsMore progress on Matchers
2010-03-01 Austin HastingsMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-28 Austin HastingsCleaned up Matchers: Not, Null.
2010-02-27 Austin HastingsAdded testcase assertions package
2010-02-27 Austin HastingsStarted updating Matchers.
2010-02-26 Austin HastingsRefactored Program->Library
2010-02-25 Austin HastingsCreated release 7. Refactored the anguinidal 'new'...
2010-02-25 Austin HastingsCreated release 6 release-6
2010-02-24 Austin HastingsMore changes in support of Close.
2010-02-23 Austin HastingsAdded class name support to Mock
2010-02-22 Austin HastingsGot a basic Mock generator working.
2010-02-22 Austin HastingsVarious patches inspired by working on close.
2010-02-20 Austin Hastingsrelease-5
2010-02-20 Austin HastingsAdded tests for Program.nqp. Added tests for new 'calle...
2010-02-19 Austin HastingsAdded krt0.pbc to build targets.
2010-02-19 Austin HastingsFirst iteration of tests for DepQ. Added `die` to Synta...
2010-02-19 Austin HastingsAdded syntax items 'redo()', 'next()', and 'last()...
2010-02-19 Austin HastingsGot UnitTest case written for t/Global.nqp.
2010-02-18 Austin HastingsRemoved Makefile, etc., replaced with setup.nqp.
2010-02-18 Austin HastingsMoved src/Pmc/COMMON.nqp to common_methods.nqp so that... notest