2010-02-22 ketmarfixed small bugs master
2010-02-20 ketmarremoved unneeded allocation when creating new string...
2010-01-23 ketmaradded hack to parse "#!optional"
2010-01-23 ketmarupdated image
2010-01-23 ketmarheap really grows; added primitives to read and write...
2010-01-21 ketmarpull can dynamically grow now
2010-01-17 ketmaradded gcd and lcm
2010-01-14 ketmarfixed some bugs found with r4rs test
2010-01-14 ketmarfixed stupid bug in `apply`: empty lists should be...
2010-01-14 ketmaradded case for "(cond (42))" as expected by r5rs programs
2010-01-14 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-14 ketmar`delay` and `cons-stream` not special forms anymore
2010-01-14 ketmar`needs:` now knows about where some its lives
2010-01-13 ketmarfixed bugs in disassembler
2010-01-13 ketmarremoved "old compiler", as it is not usable anymore
2010-01-13 ketmarremoved two unnecessary opcodes (PUSH and POPV)
2010-01-13 ketmarnow strings are shared, so many string ops are faster
2010-01-12 ketmarbigint interface unification; old bigint pkg is broken...
2010-01-11 ketmarcode cleanup; faster and better bignum printing
2010-01-11 ketmaradded switch to use GMP library; zfac is lightning...
2010-01-11 ketmarstrings now using ordinary malloc()/free() instead...
2010-01-11 ketmarfixed bug in (string->symbol) (segfault with 0-length...
2010-01-11 ketmarfixed idiotic bug in port getc/ungetc
2010-01-11 ketmarnumeric parsers are ok
2010-01-11 ketmarfixed bug in math operands conversion (with floats)
2010-01-11 ketmarfixed bug in "equal?" (string-eqv? --> string=?)
2010-01-11 ketmarfixed bug in stack dumper
2010-01-11 ketmarfixed bug in "cond .. =>" (removed unnecessary PUSH...
2010-01-11 ketmarcall/cc works again
2010-01-11 ketmaradded macro: (needs: case in "macs/case")
2010-01-11 ketmarfixed error in "char-numeric?"
2010-01-11 ketmarnew compiler now can recompile itself
2010-01-11 ketmarwe are even faster than before; also added some char...
2010-01-09 ketmarnew compiler recompiles itself! seems that new VM and...
2010-01-09 ketmarfixed ENTD command (todo: make it faster!)
2010-01-09 ketmarfixed 'apply' (it's a "special" primitive now)
2010-01-09 ketmarfixed some GC error (uninitialized/unclean values)
2010-01-08 ketmarseems that new VM is working
2010-01-08 ketmarseems that i finally can built "news" as i want
2010-01-08 ketmarfixes for "new compiler usage" in compiler/generator
2010-01-08 ketmarchanged generator and updated bootstrap; time to merge
2010-01-07 ketmarnew cool generator
2010-01-07 ketmar'#d' prefix
2010-01-07 ketmaradded "datum comments" (processed in parser)
2010-01-07 ketmaroptions to set vars from command line
2010-01-07 ketmaradded binary, octal and hex numbers
2010-01-06 ketmaradded some more sugar to class parser (class<=field...
2010-01-06 ketmarmore fine macro
2010-01-06 ketmaradded more funny methods
2010-01-06 ketmaradded simple and slow 'klasses'
2010-01-06 ketmarremoved unused files; they must become a part of the...
2010-01-06 ketmarone small renaming in API; starter now exports `*argv...
2010-01-06 ketmarscripts changed
2010-01-06 ketmargenerator now lives in it's own dir
2010-01-06 ketmardo not generate memX with macro anymore
2010-01-06 ketmar`mapcar` -> `map`; `mapc` -> `for-each`
2010-01-06 ketmarmore changes to generator; 2 new "posix:" primitives
2010-01-06 ketmaradded extended file searching in (load) and alot of...
2010-01-06 ketmaradded experimental thunks to allow new/old code mixing
2010-01-06 ketmarnew call engine seems to work (a little)
2010-01-05 ketmarsome fixes for better r4rs conformance
2010-01-05 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-05 ketmarannotations now colored in dumper
2010-01-05 ketmarannotations now on by default; generator turn 'em off...
2010-01-05 ketmarnew flag: "compiler:*ANNOTATE-BYTECODE*"
2010-01-05 ketmar`define-syntax` now can be used when generating bootstr...
2010-01-05 ketmarfixed bug(? not sure) with quasiquotes in "hygmacro...
2010-01-05 ketmaradded some "call/cc" samples (they all works! %-)
2010-01-05 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-05 ketmaradded non-standard but handy `recurse` primitive
2010-01-05 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-05 ketmarfixed broken `call/cc`
2010-01-05 ketmarlittle changes in generator; "standard.gen" renamed...
2010-01-05 ketmarcompiler now emits special bytecodes for literals and...
2010-01-05 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-05 ketmarand/or now omits the last jump (it is completely unnece...
2010-01-05 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-05 ketmarfinally, the new compiler builds itself with the new VM
2010-01-04 ketmarfixed bug in (number->string) for bignums
2010-01-04 ketmarnew compiler and VM seems to work (a little %-)
2010-01-02 ketmarcompiler now inlines primitives by default
2010-01-01 ketmaradded itiotic sample for port i/o
2010-01-01 ketmarport i/o seems to work ok (bugs fixed)
2010-01-01 ketmaradded primitives for i/o ports (untested)
2010-01-01 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-01 ketmaradded (call-with-values)
2010-01-01 ketmaradded very-very simple and not-very-standard `values...
2010-01-01 ketmar`put` -> `putprop`; `get` -> `getprop`
2010-01-01 ketmaradded `reverse!` (and `nreverse` as an alias)
2010-01-01 ketmarall "singleton" types now has "singleton" bit to ease...
2010-01-01 ketmarno more "t" -> "#t" conversion; fixed bug in gc (make...
2009-12-31 ketmaradded UNTESTED port operations to C code; fixed compila...
2009-12-31 ketmarbootstrap updated
2009-12-31 ketmaradded some unused BCs with implied arguments (no gain...
2009-12-31 ketmar(gensym) changed a little
2009-12-31 ketmarno more nil's, only '()
2009-12-31 ketmarremoved conditinals from system files
2009-12-31 ketmarbootstrap image updated
2009-12-31 ketmarbrand new parser; faster, uses less memory and with...