last changeMon, 22 Feb 2010 06:29:26 +0000 (08:29 +0200)
2010-02-22 ketmarfixed small bugs master
2010-02-20 ketmarremoved unneeded allocation when creating new string...
2010-01-23 ketmaradded hack to parse "#!optional"
2010-01-23 ketmarupdated image
2010-01-23 ketmarheap really grows; added primitives to read and write...
2010-01-21 ketmarpull can dynamically grow now
2010-01-17 ketmaradded gcd and lcm
2010-01-14 ketmarfixed some bugs found with r4rs test
2010-01-14 ketmarfixed stupid bug in `apply`: empty lists should be...
2010-01-14 ketmaradded case for "(cond (42))" as expected by r5rs programs
2010-01-14 ketmarbootstrap updated
2010-01-14 ketmar`delay` and `cons-stream` not special forms anymore
2010-01-14 ketmar`needs:` now knows about where some its lives
2010-01-13 ketmarfixed bugs in disassembler
2010-01-13 ketmarremoved "old compiler", as it is not usable anymore
2010-01-13 ketmarremoved two unnecessary opcodes (PUSH and POPV)
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