2010-04-02 ketmaradded "autorequire"; preparing libraries for autorequire
2010-04-02 ketmarfixed bug in 'str[r]chr' family
2010-04-02 ketmaradded some synonyms ($chr, etc)
2010-04-02 ketmaradded some documentation for standard libs
2010-04-02 ketmarsmall fix for windoze
2010-04-02 ketmaradded (current-dir) and (current-dir-set!)
2010-04-02 ketmaradded "simple.scm" for XScheme embedding sample
2010-04-02 ketmarfixed bug with dlib: first free XScheme pool and then...
2010-04-02 ketmaruser type now can be called just like an ordinary funct...
2010-04-02 ketmar"xschemeex.c" builder moved to sysinit
2010-04-02 ketmarrenamed "scm/" to "sysinit/"; fixed undocumented "...
2010-04-02 ketmaradded "(do)" library
2010-04-02 ketmaradded very simple 'values', 'let-values' and 'call...
2010-04-02 ketmarremoved unused things from default init; splitted defau...
2010-04-02 ketmardebug info writer slightly changed
2010-04-02 ketmarbuild_init will not use tempfile anymore (we have worki...
2010-04-02 ketmarfixes to dynamic ports
2010-04-02 ketmarannotations are broken
2010-04-02 ketmarfixed bug in (rand-seed-set!); added 'black metal song...
2010-04-02 ketmarfixed idiotic 'fix' in pertty-printer
2010-04-02 ketmaradded fixes for pretty-printer
2010-04-02 ketmarfuck! fixed broken 'vector->list' for vectors %-)
2010-04-02 ketmar'vector->list' now understands byte vectors; added...
2010-04-02 ketmarfixed bug in pretty-printer of vectors
2010-04-01 ketmar'format' now can be called as (format "str" ...)
2010-04-01 ketmarsimple sharp-wow followed by space is ignored now ...
2010-04-01 ketmaradded comment about SRFI-17 to setex library
2010-04-01 ketmarswitched cmdline args 'T' and 't'
2010-04-01 ketmaradded synonym for 'list*': 'cons*'
2010-04-01 ketmarstarted optimizer library
2010-04-01 ketmarnicer environment printing
2010-04-01 ketmaradded 'ifnot' special form
2010-04-01 ketmaradded one additional output to parameterize test
2010-04-01 ketmaradded dynamic unwinder in some strategic places
2010-04-01 ketmar'old-apply' -> '%old-apply'
2010-04-01 ketmarparameterize made simplier (order of var evaluation...
2010-04-01 ketmaradded "fluid-let"; this is simple thing that will not...
2010-04-01 ketmarbench.scm now works again
2010-04-01 ketmarfixed documentation for dynamic/string ports; fixed...
2010-04-01 ketmarnow XScheme calls unwinders on error
2010-04-01 ketmaradded "parameterize" library
2010-04-01 ketmaradded "#!eof" and option -T to ignore it (useful to...
2010-04-01 ketmarpretty-printer now knows about dynamic-wind
2010-04-01 ketmar'reverse!' will not segfault on invalid lists
2010-03-31 ketmaradded some silly dox about reader sugar.
2010-03-31 ketmarbyte vector now don't printed twice
2010-03-31 ketmarreader now understands bytevectors and datum comments...
2010-03-28 ketmarTRE regexp functinons renamed to T...
2010-03-28 ketmarupdated dox for 'str[r]chr[-ci]'
2010-03-28 ketmaradded 'str[r]chr[-ci]' functions and dox
2010-03-28 ketmaradded string finders
2010-03-28 ketmaradded documentation for 'reverse!' and 'append!'
2010-03-28 ketmaradded (untested) 'append!' function
2010-03-28 ketmarDorai Sitaram's pregesp.scm seems to work; added
2010-03-28 ketmaradded 'simple strings: <hash>"..." (no escapes, '"...
2010-03-28 ketmarfixed bug in (cond ... => ...)
2010-03-28 ketmarfixed bug in (char-alphabetic?)
2010-03-28 ketmarfixed bug in 'char->numeric?'
2010-03-28 ketmaradded 'string->number'
2010-03-28 ketmaradded more char predicates
2010-03-28 ketmaradded new primitive: 'reverse!'
2010-03-28 ketmarreader understands new chars: "nul", "null", "nl"
2010-03-28 ketmarreader understands "return" char
2010-03-28 ketmaradded 'peek-char' function
2010-03-28 ketmarsome fixes to documentation
2010-03-28 ketmar(set!) doesn't silently creates top-level bindings now
2010-03-27 ketmardocumented return values of (set!) and (define)
2010-03-27 ketmarnew library: coroutine; fix to setex library
2010-03-27 ketmaradded funny (amb) function (and amb library)
2010-03-27 ketmaradded some list utilities: reverse!, every?, any?
2010-03-27 ketmaradded "-v" arg to use "verbose load"
2010-03-27 ketmarsample moved to separate dir
2010-03-27 ketmarit compiles with MinGW again
2010-03-27 ketmarremoved some ifdefs from main driver
2010-03-27 ketmarfuck! forgot to add moved xstre!
2010-03-27 ketmarTRE module moved to xlibs
2010-03-27 ketmara little fix in built-in init
2010-03-27 ketmar"socket" and "termio" are dynamic libs now
2010-03-27 ketmaradded "timer" dynamic library
2010-03-27 ketmarAPI reworked; sample reworked to use new API
2010-03-27 ketmaradded xsExecuteInterruptor() to execute various callbac...
2010-03-27 ketmaradded "dynamic modules" (dlib:load); only for GNU/Linux
2010-03-26 ketmaradded 'flush-port'; documented some functions and funct...
2010-03-26 ketmar'call/cc' now defined in build-in dynamic-wind.scm...
2010-03-26 ketmar'*eval-str*' renamed to '%EVAL-WHOLE-STRING', 'cause...
2010-03-26 ketmarremoved last leftovers of direct bytecode feeding
2010-03-26 ketmardefault functions now compiled from strings instead...
2010-03-26 ketmaruser types now have the same (by design, not literally...
2010-03-25 ketmaramalgamized some files; nearly all internal primitives...
2010-03-25 ketmaradded "setex" library, which transforms the things...
2010-03-25 ketmarfixed dox for 'gensym'; added xmatch.scm and some libra...
2010-03-25 ketmarshit! all gensym's was broken due to autoquoting of...
2010-03-25 ketmarresetting ^C counter when readline invoked
2010-03-25 ketmarfixed bug in compiler: it hungs on second and other...
2010-03-25 ketmaradded simple termio interface (so we can work with...
2010-03-25 ketmardo not use 'linenoise' if stdin is not a tty
2010-03-25 ketmaradded hooks for std i/o; added 'linenoise' library...
2010-03-25 ketmarrelicensed under BSD-like; DMB allowed this, you know %-)
2010-03-25 ketmaradded simple socket port
2010-03-25 ketmarpublished port preinit function