added "autorequire"; preparing libraries for autorequire
[k8-xscheme:k8-xscheme.git] / src / core / xschemeex.c
2010-04-02 ketmaradded "autorequire"; preparing libraries for autorequire
2010-04-02 ketmarremoved unused things from default init; splitted defau...
2010-04-02 ketmarbuild_init will not use tempfile anymore (we have worki...
2010-04-02 ketmarfixes to dynamic ports
2010-04-02 ketmarfixed idiotic 'fix' in pertty-printer
2010-04-02 ketmaradded fixes for pretty-printer
2010-04-02 ketmarfixed bug in pretty-printer of vectors
2010-04-01 ketmar'old-apply' -> '%old-apply'
2010-04-01 ketmarpretty-printer now knows about dynamic-wind
2010-03-28 ketmaradded new primitive: 'reverse!'
2010-03-27 ketmaradded some list utilities: reverse!, every?, any?
2010-03-27 ketmara little fix in built-in init
2010-03-26 ketmar'call/cc' now defined in build-in dynamic-wind.scm...
2010-03-25 ketmaradded hooks for std i/o; added 'linenoise' library...
2010-03-25 ketmarrelicensed under BSD-like; DMB allowed this, you know %-)
2010-03-25 ketmarupdated (require)
2010-03-25 ketmaradded 'current-error-port' function
2010-03-25 ketmarusing new syntax for optionals in load.scm
2010-03-25 ketmaradded "dynamic-wind" to standard library
2010-03-24 ketmaradded 'advanced' version of 'eval' and '*toplevel*...
2010-03-20 ketmar'advanced load' now supports 'load-noisily'
2010-03-20 ketmarsome fixes to 'advanced load'; documented LOAD variables
2010-03-20 ketmaradded advanced 'load' from kns
2010-03-20 ketmarfixed another bug in pretty-printer (printing of non...
2010-03-20 ketmarfixed bug in pretty-printer (quote was not right)
2010-03-19 ketmaradded simple pretty printer; built-in initialize module...
2010-03-10 ketmarfixed quasiquote; i'm idiot!
2010-03-10 ketmarseems that quasiquoter is broken for now
2010-03-10 ketmarcosmetic changes in initfile
2010-03-07 ketmarfixed idiotic bug that blocks xscheme windoze build...
2010-03-03 ketmarmore object macroses
2010-03-03 ketmarfixed: run init file before loading something from...
2010-03-03 ketmarremoved 'open-xxx-file' functions
2010-03-03 ketmaradded 'load-str' and 'load-str-noisy'; now can init...