2010-04-09 ketmarremoved elist-like descriptions for definitions
2010-04-08 ketmarsigbreacks checks only on CALL and BRSIGCK; little...
2010-04-08 ketmaradded (string->unisymbol)
2010-04-08 ketmarremove color marks on enter, ^d, ^c
2010-04-08 ketmaradded xsCTypeNG macro: get cell type, non-guarded ...
2010-04-08 ketmartestee names changed a little; xmatch tests now using...
2010-04-08 ketmaradded 'string-expand-vars' to strlib
2010-04-08 ketmarxmatch now generates 'optimized' pathes
2010-04-08 ketmarxmatch library now understands choises (possibly named)
2010-04-08 ketmarfixed bug with up/down
2010-04-08 ketmaradded '!=' as synonym for all '<>'
2010-04-08 ketmaradded (char-ready?) and (char-write-ready?)
2010-04-08 ketmarlinenoise: now it hilights bracets and parens
2010-04-08 ketmarMBE was using PRINC, hehe
2010-04-08 ketmarlinenoise: idiotic bug fixed; ^u --> Alt+n
2010-04-08 ketmaradded Alt+s, Ctrl+s: yank next or previous sexpr
2010-04-08 ketmarlinenoise: added Alt+u, Alt+l and Alt+c (word upper...
2010-04-08 ketmardeleted words and sexprs now will be taken to yank...
2010-04-08 ketmarfixed char reader; added alot of char abbrevs
2010-04-08 ketmarlinenoise: implemented word/sexpr-left/right movement
2010-04-08 ketmarlinenoise separated to library; added stubs for moving...
2010-04-07 ketmarlinenoise now understands my DEL and ignores unknown...
2010-04-07 ketmarlinenoise header reformatted
2010-04-07 ketmarlinenoise reformated to ease reading
2010-04-07 ketmaradded "#!VOID" special constant
2010-04-07 ketmaradded 'objects' library (macros to working with object...
2010-04-07 ketmarnew class 'definer' now sees pairs as (var . value)
2010-04-07 ketmarfixed: invalid library name in MBE
2010-04-07 ketmarmoved 'rec' to scms
2010-04-07 ketmaradded very naive 'append-map' and 'append-map!'
2010-04-07 ketmarMBE library updated ('some' changed to 'any')
2010-04-07 ketmaradded 'define-record-type' (SRFI-9)
2010-04-07 ketmar'make-vector' and 'make-bvector' extended a little
2010-04-07 ketmaradded UNFOLD library
2010-04-07 ketmaradded UNTIL
2010-04-07 ketmaradded MD5 library; all dlibs now has library wrappers...
2010-04-07 ketmaradded (get-eof-object) and (get-default-object)
2010-04-07 ketmarmore macros moved from sysinit to libraries
2010-04-06 ketmarnow we have +/- for 2 and 4 (and inliners)
2010-04-06 ketmaradded 'one?'; more inlines in the compiler
2010-04-06 ketmarintegrated new SRFI-17 compatible SET!; added idiotic...
2010-04-06 ketmar'set!' now understands setters (SRFI-17) and integrated...
2010-04-06 ketmaradded silly dox for autorequire
2010-04-06 ketmaradded nconc library
2010-04-05 ketmaradded some MBE examples
2010-04-05 ketmaradded autorequire for macros; some macro scms moved...
2010-04-05 ketmaradded *PROMPT* global var
2010-04-05 ketmarfixed subtle bug in (force)
2010-04-05 ketmaradded simple (exact->inexact)
2010-04-05 ketmarfixed long-standing idiotic bug with 'cond's w/o else...
2010-04-05 ketmarremoved unused code from 'let*' compiler (HAVE TO CHECK...
2010-04-05 ketmarempty 'let*' now doesn't optimizes to simple (begin...
2010-04-05 ketmarconverted 'read-line' to primitive
2010-04-05 ketmarfixed bug in 'dict-del!'
2010-04-05 ketmaradded one more test for dict library
2010-04-05 ketmaradded 'dict' library
2010-04-05 ketmaradded 'string-hash' (uint32); added 'wrap-function...
2010-04-05 ketmaradded sorting library
2010-04-05 ketmaradded some dox for library functions
2010-04-05 ketmaradded 'sym-iters' library
2010-04-05 ketmaradded 'remove' library
2010-04-05 ketmarnew 'setex' library; now setters can be defined for...
2010-04-05 ketmaradded 'unwind-protect' and 'multiple-value-bind' scms...
2010-04-05 ketmar'require' now accepts quoted symbols
2010-04-05 ketmarnew library: apropos; little rewriting of string:expand...
2010-04-05 ketmar'expt' with integer args now returns integer
2010-04-04 ketmarinstruction tracer turned off (it is mostly useless)
2010-04-04 ketmarCxx+R optimization are back; %Cxx+R removed
2010-04-04 ketmar'remainder' and 'modulo' are integrable now
2010-04-04 ketmarfixed bug in quasiquote expander: (a ,@b) should expand...
2010-04-04 ketmaradded '1-'
2010-04-04 ketmaradded 'print' (but not documented; why i should?)
2010-04-04 ketmaradded 'fd-select'
2010-04-03 ketmaradded missed port operations (get fd, etc); added ...
2010-04-03 ketmaradded box library (box, box?, make-box, box-value,...
2010-04-03 ketmarlittle fix to dox
2010-04-03 ketmaradded almost-compatible SRFI-37 (args-fold); note that...
2010-04-03 ketmaradded 'rec' (SRFI-31)
2010-04-03 ketmaradded one more test suite for 'cut' and 'cute'
2010-04-03 ketmaradded very brief and idiotic dox for 'cut' and 'cute'
2010-04-03 ketmaradded 'cut' and 'cute' (SRFI-26)
2010-04-03 ketmarirregex moved from library dir to explicit load dir
2010-04-03 ketmaradded simple datetime library; all assertions from...
2010-04-03 ketmaradded documentation for 'and-let*'
2010-04-03 ketmaradded 'and-let*'
2010-04-03 ketmarupgraded irregexp library (it still works %-)
2010-04-03 ketmaradded "irregex" library and test suite (it works, but...
2010-04-03 ketmaradded funny hacks: (try-finally) and (try-catch)
2010-04-03 ketmaradded 'char-downcase'
2010-04-03 ketmarchar-up/lo dox
2010-04-03 ketmaradded (char-upcase) and (char-locase)
2010-04-03 ketmaradded simple base64 library
2010-04-03 ketmarfixed bug in 'format'
2010-04-03 ketmaradded (<<) and (>>)
2010-04-03 ketmaradded "bit-field" function
2010-04-02 ketmaradded two more libraries
2010-04-02 ketmaradded documentation for some macros and library functions
2010-04-02 ketmaradded libinfo to some libs; integrated libinfo in main...
2010-04-02 ketmaradded more macroses to stdinit ('cause macroses can...
2010-04-02 ketmaradded "autorequire"; preparing libraries for autorequire