removed elist-like descriptions for definitions
[k8-xscheme:k8-xscheme.git] / src / core / xsbcode.h
2010-04-09 ketmarremoved elist-like descriptions for definitions
2010-04-08 ketmarsigbreacks checks only on CALL and BRSIGCK; little...
2010-04-06 ketmarnow we have +/- for 2 and 4 (and inliners)
2010-04-06 ketmaradded 'one?'; more inlines in the compiler
2010-04-04 ketmarCxx+R optimization are back; %Cxx+R removed
2010-04-04 ketmar'remainder' and 'modulo' are integrable now
2010-03-28 ketmar(set!) doesn't silently creates top-level bindings now
2010-03-25 ketmarrelicensed under BSD-like; DMB allowed this, you know %-)
2010-03-24 ketmaradded '#!key' arguments
2010-03-24 ketmaradded '. var' to optional args and documented it
2010-03-24 ketmaradded 'ESET0' and 'EREF0' opcodes
2010-03-19 ketmarmassive renaming; source restructuring; some bugs with...
2010-03-18 ketmaradded "semiworking" signals
2010-03-15 ketmarnow defined symbols can have description like elisp...
2010-02-25 ketmarpreparing to cXr inlining
2010-02-24 ketmarTeh Great Renaming (tnx, xref!)
2010-02-23 ketmartabs->spaces
2010-02-23 ketmarsources restructured