added documentation for some macros and library functions
[k8-xscheme:k8-xscheme.git] / scm_misc / bmtitle.scm
1 ; Unholy lexicon and all invoked titles (c) Rob Waldie, June 98
2 (define (bm-song-title)
3   (define words '(
4   #("And" "Of" "Under" "In" "Through" "Between" "Beneath" "Beyond"
5     "Towards" "Into" "From" "Conquering" "Praise" "Praising" "Storming"
6     "Hailing" "Beholding" "Worshipping" "Bleeding For" "Dwelling In"
7     "Rising From" "Descending Into" "War For" "Battling For"
8     "Gazing Over" "Hearing" "Blaspheming" "Crossing" "Invoking"
9     "Traversing" "Forever Reigns" "Conquer" "Storm" "Hail" "Behold"
10     "Invoke" "Over")
11   #("a" "The")
12   #("Black" "Hateful" "Evil" "Melancholic" "Satanic" "Eternal"
13     "Frostbitten" "Freezing" "Funeral" "Blood Red" "Nocturnal" "Winter"
14     "Satanic" "Unholy" "Grim" "Frozen" "Spectral" "Dead" "Grey"
15     "Bleakest" "Burning" "Silent" "Still" "Dark" "Pagan" "Vast"
16     "Mighty" "Infernal" "Majestic" "Blasphemic" "Heathen" "Everlasting"
17     "Ancient" "Northern" "Antichristian" "Blazing" "Crucified")
18   #("Wood" "Forest" "Mountain" "Night" "Realm" "Kingdom" "Dominion"
19     "Northland" "North" "Hell" "Underworld" "Infinity" "Eternity"
20     "Chasm" "Sky" "Blood" "Wrath" "Power" "Might" "Glory" "Forevermore"
21     "Despair" "Shadows" "Throne" "Fullmoon" "Cosmos" "Death" "Darkness"
22     "Frost" "Horizon" "Fog" "Mist" "Hordes" "Legion" "Passage"
23     "Blasphemy" "Fall Of Heaven" "Death Of Christ" "Twilight" "Furnace"
24     "Chalice" "Sword" "Dagger" "Coffin" "Pentagram" "Cloak" "Chant"
25     "Scream" "Cry" "Wolf" "Raven" "Winter" "Demon" "Storm" "Whore"
26     "Goat" "Dawn" "Crucifixion" "Oath" "Pact")
27   #("Beyond" "Towards" "Into" "From" "And" "Of" "Under" "In" "Through"
28     "Between" "Beneath" "With" "Surrounded By" "Bewitched By"
29     "For The Glory Of" "Over" "In The Name Of")
30   #("Black" "Hateful" "Evil" "Melancholic" "Satanic" "Eternal"
31     "Frostbitten" "Freezing" "Funeral" "Blood Red" "Nocturnal" "Winter"
32     "Satanic" "Unholy" "Grim" "Frozen" "Spectral" "Dead" "Grey"
33     "Bleakest" "Burning" "Silent" "Still" "Dark" "Pagan" "Vast"
34     "Mighty" "Infernal" "Majestic" "Blasphemic" "Heathen" "Everlasting"
35     "Ancient" "Northern" "Antichristian" "Blazing" "Crucified")
36   #("Woods" "Forests" "Mountains" "Night" "Realms" "Kingdoms"
37     "Dominions" "Northlands" "North" "Hell" "Underworlds" "Infinity"
38     "Eternity" "Chasms" "Skies" "Wolves" "Wrath" "Power" "Might"
39     "Glory" "Forevermore" "Despair" "Shadows" "Thrones" "Necromancy"
40     "Cosmos" "Death" "Darkness" "Frosts" "Horizons" "Fog" "Mist"
41     "Hordes" "Legions" "Passages" "Blasphemy" "Lust" "Sin" "Twilight"
42     "Sodomy" "Chalices" "Swords" "Daggers" "Coffins" "Pentagrams"
43     "Flagellation" "Chants" "Screams" "Cries" "Winter" "Demons"
44     "Witchery" "Spellcraft" "Hellfire" "Supremecy" "Desolation" "Light"
45     "Storms" "Winds" "Horns" "Damnation" "Evil" "Immortality" "Inferno"
46     "Spears")
47   ))
48   (let loop ([res ""] [lst words])
49     (if lst
50         (loop (string-append res " "
51                              (vector-ref (car lst) (random (vector-length (car lst)))))
52               (cdr lst))
53         (substring res 1))))
56 (rand-seed-set! (unix-time))
57 (format "~d\n" (bm-song-title))