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2014-06-10 Jason SelfAdding game history
2014-06-06 Jason SelfAdding known issues
2014-06-05 Jason SelfSome fixes and succesful playthrough.
2014-05-31 Jason SelfThis game is not Supernova. Correcting FSF address...
2014-05-31 Jason SelfFixed resource file editors.
2014-05-10 Jason SelfMerging the HELP.TXT and INSTRUCT.TXT file into INSTRUC...
2014-05-10 Jason SelfModifying INSTRUCT.TXT to remove shareware information...
2014-05-10 Jason SelfForgot the word 'Affero' in the BUILD file
2014-05-10 Jason SelfModifying Beyond The Titanic to compile with the Free...
2014-05-10 Jason SelfUpgrading to GPLv3
2014-05-10 Jason SelfImporting Apogee Software's GPL release of Beyond The...
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