last changeTue, 9 Nov 2010 13:27:45 +0000 (11:27 -0200)
2010-11-09 Guillaume Emontcosmetic changes (no code change) master
2010-11-09 Guillaume EmontGet the argument types dynamically, no need to declare...
2010-11-09 Guillaume EmontUse AutoFunction for $adapter_position()
2010-11-09 Guillaume EmontAdded an AutoFunction class to simplfy registering...
2010-11-09 Guillaume Emontcleaned _convert_args(), no longer expects raw_args...
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontRemoved stupid debugging print
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontMove argument conversion into a separate utility function
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontMoved constants out of AutoCommand into the module
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontFix parameters to the adapter_flush command.
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontPass the command name to gdb.Command.__init__().
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontSource the right python file...
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontUse the correct function when declaring commands
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontUse the newly created AutoCommand to register our commands
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontAdded AutoCommand to ease the declaration of new gdb...
2010-11-08 Guillaume EmontAdded a manager object to keep track of the followers.
2010-11-08 Guillaume Emontcleanup: remove these commented out prints
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