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2011-11-04 Ron JensenAdd a space. master
2011-11-04 Ron JensenDon't calculate fuel weight if there are no engines.
2011-11-04 Ron JensenSome cleanup and documentation
2011-11-04 Ron JensenRemove unused headers
2011-10-31 Ron JensenAxial table change. Still wrong.
2011-10-31 Ron JensenStandardize fuel capacity calculations to use fuel...
2011-10-31 Ron JensenGliders can have engines, and aircraft with no engines...
2011-10-30 Ron JensenSuggest a filename in the headers.
2011-10-30 Ron JensenAdd a payload at 50% of usable weight.
2011-10-30 Ron JensenFix lift and drag formulas.
2011-10-30 Ron Jensenuntested changes to the aero2.php file.
2011-10-28 Ron JensenRevert the aerodynamic property name changes for backwa...
2011-10-28 Ron JensenThe bits in JSBSim as of the time this repository was...
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