2010-09-17 Fred Emmottmake "examples" make target build the java examples
2010-09-17 Fred Emmottadd generated _java files to .gitignore
2010-09-17 Fred EmmottMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-09-17 Dan HarveyMade the example java scripts produced from ant build.xml
2010-09-17 Fred Emmottfix incorrect placement of raise 2010091701
2010-09-17 Fred Emmottadd missing ++i
2010-09-16 Dan HarveyAdded building examples to git and commands to run...
2010-09-15 Fred Emmottdocumentation fixes 2010091601
2010-09-15 Fred Emmottadd global default/all/test/test-lib make targets,...
2010-09-15 Fred Emmottport 1234 -> 9090 (java lib)
2010-09-14 Dan HarveyUpdated readme for simple java client
2010-09-14 Dan HarveyAdded javadoc to the ant build and fixed a warning...
2010-09-14 Dan HarveyMoved java source and tests to correct locations, updat...
2010-09-14 Dan HarveyFixed the authors YAML file
2010-09-14 Dan HarveyAdded ivy.xml java dependency manager and added support...
2010-09-10 Dan HarveyAdded ant build.xml script for java
2010-09-10 Dan HarveyPushing out inital simple java client for jp with examples
2010-09-08 Fred Emmotttest behaviour of the count methods when the pool doesn...
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottcount number of acquires that throw EmptyPool
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottadd instrumentation tests
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottmake jp_instrumented_server by composition, not inherit...
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottsplit counter calls to separate thrift service, and...
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottupdate java direct examples for compatibility with...
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottadd ruby thrift consumer test
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottcleaner test of the unlocker
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottadd abstract consumer test
2010-09-08 Fred Emmottcheck that translate in the abstractproducer raises...
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottbe a little more paranoid in the thrift checking
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottadd tests for the ruby consumer libraries
2010-09-07 Fred EmmottGet rid of largely-useless safety checks.
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottallow injection of a client into the ruby libraries
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottmove tests for contents of classes/ to tests/classes
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottget rid of ARGV handling in run_tests.rb, Test::Unit...
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottget rid of top-level jp-config.rb, and update documenta...
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottcreate script to start a standalone JpUnlocker
2010-09-07 Fred EmmottLook for configuration files in a few standard places.
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottadd JpServer<->mongo integration tests
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottcommenting
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottmake run_tests.rb more flexible
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottadd tests for unlocker
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottstart testing of jp_unlocker
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottadd AUTHORS, COPYRIGHT, and LICENSE files
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottremove useless line in test
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottwhitespace fix
2010-09-07 Fred Emmotttesting of unlocker configuration
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottmake it possible to run jp without starting the unlocke...
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottsplit unlocker to separate class
2010-09-07 Fred EmmottCleaner constructor for jp_server - backwards compatibi...
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottsplit encoding kludge for ruby 1.9.0 into separate...
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottrename jp.rb to just jp
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottmove classes rather than config to separate classes...
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottadd tests of purge command
2010-09-07 Fred EmmottMake purge synchronous again.
2010-09-07 Fred Emmottrename test class
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottmore tests
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottadd some tests
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottmake default timeout overridable
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottinconsistent symbol fix
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottsplit off server class from server-runner
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottmake mongo database and thrift server mockable
2010-09-06 Fred EmmottREADME formatting fix
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottbson_ext compatibility note
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottquickstart info
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottimproved ruby1.9.0 compatibility (lenny)
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottupdated requirements
2010-09-06 Fred EmmottRuby 1.9.0 compatibility (lenny)
2010-09-06 Fred Emmottmissing makefile dependency
2010-09-06 Fred EmmottGCC 4.3.2 compatibility (lenny)
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottbracket fix
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottupdate documentation to mention the simplified libraries
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottget rid of some debug spam
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottfull build by default, it's quick enoguh anyway
2010-09-05 Fred EmmottAdd C++/Thrift serializastion consumer library and...
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadded TextConsumer C++ example
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd examples to top-level makefile
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd examples makefile
2010-09-05 Fred EmmottAdd C++ Thrift Producer library and example
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadded C++ library for simple text producers
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd thrift serialization to simple ruby api
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd JSON to ruby lib
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottrenamed lib to simple in examples
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd simple producer library for ruby
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottstart of ruby lib - has consumer
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottspecify some more options for the example queue
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottperformance improvements
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottupdated benchmark readme
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd some microbenchmarks. as always, take with a pinch...
2010-09-05 Fred Emmotthyperlink examples in README
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd getting started
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd java consumer example
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd java producer
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd namespaces for ruby, C++, and java
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadded C++ consumer example
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd C++ producer
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottmake top-level makefile build a static archive for...
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd Makefile
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottadd ruby plain-text example consumers/producers
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottmake main jp.rb less brittle about the current working...
2010-09-05 Fred Emmotttypo fix in config file
2010-09-05 Fred Emmottmention serialization via thrift