2011-08-24 fduminyadded summary for the object list master
2011-08-24 fduminyapplied coding rules
2011-08-24 fduminyadded class name filter to OnHeapCommand
2011-08-24 fduminyfixed missing newline after last line
2011-08-24 fduminyfixed missing lines at end of listing
2011-08-24 fduminyfixed eclipse project
2011-08-21 lsanthaA RAMFile is stored in a list of Buffer object to suppo...
2011-08-21 lsanthaFixes command syntax for ls and dir.
2011-08-21 lsanthaFixed playing beep with the play command.
2011-08-21 lsanthaTurn off all sounds when stopping the PC speaker device.
2011-08-21 lsanthaFixes to file size display in 'dir' command.
2011-08-21 lsanthaFix to showing aliases in help command.
2011-08-17 lsanthaAdded shell command: cmp.
2011-08-16 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2011-08-16 lsanthaImprovements 'fdisk' command to output and device param...
2011-08-16 lsanthaFixed API registration bug in IDEDiskDriver.
2011-08-16 lsanthaCustomizing the GRUB menu for JNode CD image.
2011-08-16 lsanthaIncreased timeout for IDE device detection.
2011-08-11 galatnmFS : clean up HFS+ code.
2011-08-07 lsanthaAdded default mode to 'thread' command to show a flat...
2011-08-04 galatnmFix HFS+ cast exception.
2011-08-02 lsanthaFixes to restarting the PS/2 mouse and keyboard devices.
2011-07-31 lsanthaFixed javadoc.
2011-07-31 lsanthaExtended 'eject' command to load media with the '-t...
2011-07-31 lsanthaAdded support for loading the removable media into...
2011-07-31 lsanthaIncreased timeout for CD-ROM operations from 5s to...
2011-07-25 lsanthaPatch contributed by griff with the following comments:
2011-07-15 lsanthaNimbus L&F.
2011-07-15 lsanthaAdded Nimbus L&F packages to plugin configuration.
2011-06-30 lsanthaFixed cp-compare target.
2011-06-30 lsanthaJDIVirtualMachine for easier class hotswapping.
2011-06-30 lsanthaFixed typo.
2011-06-25 lsanthaImproved remote debugging. Now standard Java debuggers...
2011-06-25 lsanthaImproved remote debugging. Now standard Java debuggers...
2011-06-24 galatnmRemove commented code.
2011-06-05 lsanthaAdded directory nbproject/private to svn ignores.
2011-06-05 lsanthaUpdated project files for Netbeans 7.0.
2011-06-05 lsanthaRemoving private netbeans project files.
2011-06-05 lsanthaApplied patch by Daniel Noll:
2011-04-28 lsanthaAdded javadoc command.
2011-04-27 lsanthaFixed 'edit' command invocation.
2011-04-27 lsanthaImproved support for java.lang.Package.
2011-03-06 lsanthaFollowing up class library changes.
2011-02-28 lsanthaAdding new packages to plugin descriptors.
2011-02-20 lsanthaAdded support for starting the build with cron.
2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2010-12-27 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2010-12-27 lsanthaUpdated Idea project file.
2010-12-27 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2010-12-27 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2010-10-02 crawleySome refactoring of code that uses 'compileHighOptLevel...
2010-10-02 crawleyMove the lists of classes/packages that need to be...
2010-07-11 fduminyMerge git://gitorious.org/~fduminy/jnode/maven into...
2010-05-16 fduminyfixed comment
2010-05-16 fduminyextracted org.jnode.plugin packages from org.jnode...
2010-05-16 fduminy- moved (resource related) classes from org.jnode.syste...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.secur...
2010-05-16 fduminy- removed dependency cycle between org.jnode.naming...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.vm...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved dependency cycle between org.jnode.vm <-> org...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved depencency between Plugin and PluginDescriptorM...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved dependencies on PluginRegistryModel by using...
2010-04-03 fduminyremoved unused BaseMagicHelper.MagicClass and updated...
2010-04-03 fduminyfixed comment
2010-04-03 fduminyformatted comment
2010-04-03 fduminyadded javadoc
2010-03-28 lsanthaAdded javadoc.
2010-03-28 lsanthaAdded support for releasing the bytecode visitor, other...
2010-03-28 lsanthaFixed a bug where expected item was not at the top...
2010-03-28 lsanthaAdded support for dead code detection.
2010-03-28 lsanthaRemoved needless code.
2010-03-28 lsanthaSimplified VM type to Class conversion.
2010-03-27 lsanthaAdded support for specifying in jnode.properties the...
2010-03-27 lsanthaAdded plugin insertor to custom initjar assembler.
2010-03-26 galatnmReturn space on the device.
2010-03-26 galatnmFix dates.
2010-02-20 lsanthaThe X86BytecodeVisitor is reused across method compilat...
2010-02-20 lsanthaCleanup of optimization experiments.
2010-02-20 lsanthaFixed item recycling.
2010-02-19 lsanthaAdded missing export.
2010-02-19 galatnmCorrect behaviour for equals method of Key class.
2010-02-19 lsanthaCode style fixes.
2010-02-13 lsanthaFixed item recycling for better memory usage in L1a.
2010-02-13 lsanthaAdded debug info.
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbus fixes: removed unneeded checks (condition is...
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs fixes: inner class can be static.
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs fixes: fields made final.
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs fixes: fixed inconsistent synchronzation....
2010-01-30 lsanthaPMD updated to version 4.2.5. Fixed 'pmd' Ant target.
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs updated to version 1.3.9. Fixed finbugs ant...
2010-01-10 lsanthaAdded native stub for com.sun.management.UnixOperatingS...
2010-01-10 lsanthaAdded native stub for com.sun.management.UnixOperatingS...
2010-01-10 lsanthaAdded native stub for com.sun.management.UnixOperatingS...
2010-01-03 lsanthaFixed exludes for header update.
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated header.
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.