2004-11-21 eprMoved TextUI to seperate project location
2004-11-21 epr*** empty log message ***
2004-11-21 eprAdded application startup support to the desktop
2004-11-21 lsanthasleep() removed
2004-11-21 lsanthaModified mouse event handling
2004-11-21 lsanthaImproved cursor appearence
2004-11-21 samreidAdded cursor handling.
2004-11-21 samreidAdded one comment.
2004-11-21 samreidadded error handling
2004-11-20 lsanthaAdded Thinlet
2004-11-20 samreidadded context classloader as default
2004-11-20 samreidAdded functionality, partial error tracing.
2004-11-20 eprAdded desktop
2004-11-16 eprFixed painting if not visible (graphics == null) causin...
2004-11-16 eprRemoved WTTest alias
2004-11-16 eprRemoved WT plugin
2004-11-16 hagar-wizeRefactored the names
2004-11-15 eprAdded missing packages
2004-11-14 eprUpdate version number
2004-11-14 eprRelease 0.1.9
2004-11-14 eprRemoved unneeded logging
2004-11-14 eprAdded correct file header
2004-11-14 eprAdded file header template
2004-11-14 eprFixed modifiers in mousehandler
2004-11-13 lsanthaSome Swing widget testing
2004-11-13 lsanthaDouble buffering enabled
2004-11-13 lsanthaImproved image drawing
2004-11-13 lsanthano message
2004-11-13 eprApplied classpath patches
2004-11-13 eprApplied classpath patches
2004-11-13 eprApplied classpath patches
2004-11-13 eprAdded exception handlers to avoid complete hold of...
2004-11-13 eprMinor improvements
2004-11-13 eprMinor improvements
2004-11-13 eprImproved mouse dragging support:
2004-11-08 lsanthaImproved frame resizing behaviour
2004-11-07 lsanthaLots of swingpeer improvments
2004-11-07 lsanthaLots of swingpeer improvments
2004-11-07 eprFixed fontmetrics problems
2004-11-06 lsanthaGUI improvments
2004-11-06 lsanthaContious painting fixed
2004-11-06 lsanthaVarious GUI improvements
2004-11-06 lsanthaFixed the origin of the graphics context
2004-11-05 lsanthaGUI improvments
2004-11-05 lsanthaResource loading fix
2004-11-02 lsanthaFixed eroneous NumberFormatException
2004-11-02 eprApplied classpath patches
2004-11-02 eprMoved Configuration class to VM specific folder
2004-11-02 eprApplied lots of classpath patches
2004-11-02 eprAdded qemu start script
2004-10-31 eprApplied lots of classpath patches
2004-10-31 eprRemoved unused method
2004-10-31 eprAdded preloading (during build) of awt & swing classes
2004-10-31 eprLimited memory usage for constant pool & string data
2004-10-31 lsanthaRefactorings in preparation to full AWT and Swing support
2004-10-30 blindidiotFixed a bug with locking entries into the cache
2004-10-30 blindidiotRemoved all floating point stuff
2004-10-30 epr*** empty log message ***
2004-10-30 eprAdded property permissions to fix glitches in classpath
2004-10-30 eprRefactored final peers according to delegation pattern
2004-10-30 eprImplemented copyArea
2004-10-30 eprFixed layout
2004-10-30 eprMinor structural improvements
2004-10-30 eprFixed NPE in borderlayout due to "return null"
2004-10-28 lsanthaRefactorings in preparation to full AWT and Swing support
2004-10-24 eprApplied lots of classpath patches
2004-10-24 eprApplied lots of classpath patches
2004-10-24 eprApplied lots of classpath patches
2004-10-24 eprGreat news: AWT really starts to work, including mouse...
2004-10-24 eprMinor adjustements; added resize & checkbox.setState
2004-10-24 eprLots of fixes & improvements primarily aimed at correct...
2004-10-24 eprNow calls class initialize before new
2004-10-23 eprPrepare for mmtk
2004-10-19 eprMinor improvements
2004-10-19 eprEnsures classes are initialized before a checkcast...
2004-10-19 eprSwitch over to swing peers
2004-10-19 eprVarious components added
2004-10-19 eprFixed npe in borderlayout due to un-implemented preferr...
2004-10-19 eprAdded events package
2004-10-19 eprPeers now copy component data into itself upon creation
2004-10-17 eprTransform fix wrt. clipping
2004-10-17 eprApplied classpath Component patch
2004-10-13 eprMinor improvements
2004-10-13 eprFixed log level
2004-10-13 eprMinor test improvement,
2004-10-13 eprImplemented Thread.holdsLock
2004-10-12 lsanthaVarious improvments
2004-10-12 lsanthaVarious improvments
2004-10-12 eprLimited debug info
2004-10-12 eprFixed static/non-static field in jnode/host vm
2004-10-11 eprFixed routing problem
2004-10-11 hagar-wizefixing routing problem under bootp/dhcp
2004-10-10 eprAdded special desktop frame, so we can do without decor...
2004-10-10 eprAdded typename of instance to classcast exception.
2004-10-10 eprFixed classpath-compare
2004-10-10 eprApplied lots of classpath patches
2004-10-10 lsanthaVarious graphics improvements
2004-10-10 eprRefCount fix
2004-10-10 eprAdded 32x32 cursor
2004-10-10 eprMinor improvements aimed at getting the swingpeers...