Added teamset for easier eclipse setup
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2005-02-19 hagar-wizeinterface to commands
2005-02-19 fduminyFor Performances: Logger is now 'static'
2005-02-09 hagar-wizefix cursor position after ctrl+l to start after the...
2005-02-09 eprAdded "kernel debugger" (serial port output) to the...
2005-02-04 hagar-wizeonheap command is added. It let's one see the numbers...
2005-01-15 eprAdded thread id to list of threads
2005-01-15 eprForced source file encoding in build scripts and eclips...
2005-01-15 eprCONVERTED TO ASCII
2005-01-14 eprSorted output on system property name
2005-01-04 eprApplied header-fix to update all java file headers
2004-12-31 eprAdded classpath command
2004-12-24 eprVarious small GC related improvements
2004-11-27 lsanthaFixed typo
2004-11-27 lsanthaAdded disasm command
2004-11-27 lsanthaAdded disasm command
2004-11-21 samreidAdded shell invocation handler for charvabsh.
2004-11-21 samreidAdded cursor handling.
2004-11-20 samreidadded context classloader as default
2004-10-05 eprSecurity fix in udpout
2004-09-19 lsanthaMinor fix.
2004-09-19 lsanthaAdded support for variant.
2004-09-10 eprDefaulted to L1A compiler
2004-08-28 eprAdded support for testing new compilers within a runnin...
2004-08-13 galatnmAdd CTRL-l command to clean up console.
2004-07-25 eprApplied lots of classpath diffs
2004-07-14 eprRefactored console system
2004-07-04 eprFixed compile command
2004-06-12 eprFixed various compiler warnings
2004-05-31 fduminy- fixed display bug when cursor is in middle of the...
2004-05-31 fduminyfixed bugs when completion must list possible values
2004-05-31 fduminyfixed bug when completing an empty argument
2004-05-31 eprFirst small step towards multiprocessor & hyperthreadin...
2004-05-25 fduminyoptimisation: use of StringBuffer instead of String...
2004-05-25 fduminyfixed bugs with commands that are multilines (wider...
2004-05-20 lsanthaTreats cwd as classopath, more will come soon
2004-05-20 lsanthaCreate calssloader permission added to java command
2004-05-16 fduminynew command to change/show the current locale
2004-05-02 eprMinor change
2004-05-01 eprAdded support for devices implementing DeviceInfoAPI...
2004-05-01 eprRenamed reset to reboot
2004-05-01 eprAdded MemoryScanner
2004-05-01 blindidiotAdded a required permission
2004-04-18 eprFixed plugin command for list of non-existing plugin
2004-04-18 eprMoved cpuid command
2004-04-18 eprAdded DeviceInfoAPI
2004-04-17 eprAdded plugin unloading & reloading
2004-04-17 eprRefactored package names
2004-04-17 eprBetter handling of non-found interpreters
2004-04-17 eprArguments type fixed
2004-04-15 eprFixed test command.
2004-04-12 eprMajor change in plugin system
2004-04-11 eprSeveral command line fixes
2004-04-11 eprAdded URLArgument
2004-04-04 eprAdded command line completion for filenames
2004-03-22 eprFixed several build errors
2004-03-21 samreidAdded charva beanshell application.
2004-03-21 epr- Added very simple debugger on Alt-SysRq key
2004-03-20 eprAdded protection domain information to class command
2004-03-20 eprFix AccessControl problem during boot.
2004-03-14 eprFully implemented SecurityManager & AccessController
2004-02-21 vchira_2000refactor the console manager..
2004-02-20 eprAdded "Used memory" to result of memory command
2004-02-15 eprMajor VM change:
2004-02-14 vchira_2000refactor the console and consolemanager. Now the mechan...
2004-02-08 vchira_2000change from user console to shell console and add a...
2004-02-08 mdentyModified to take care of KeyboardInterpreterFactory
2004-02-07 mdentyInvoking loadkeys without argument now prints the curre...
2004-02-07 mdentyAdd the faculty of adding an alias of an alias. Example...
2004-02-06 mdentyRe - add the heading comment
2004-02-06 mdentyComment out the screen output of the cursor position
2004-02-06 mdentyAdd arrows, home, end, delete keys
2004-02-06 mdentySome rewritings - typo
2004-02-02 eprAdding loadkeys patch by Mark DENTY
2004-01-27 eprVarious updates
2004-01-21 eprChanged key of InitialNaming entries from String to...
2004-01-03 eprFixed PluginClassLoader.findResource
2004-01-03 samreidAdded beanshell plugin.
2004-01-02 eprMajor change in Plugin system, to prepare for reloadabl...
2004-01-02 gbinnow the prompt shows correctly the current path
2004-01-02 gbinadded missing lib
2004-01-01 samreidAdded initial beanshell support. This version shows...
2004-01-01 samreidAdded initial beanshell support.
2003-12-24 eprFixed compiler warnings
2003-12-23 samreidShell commands start in separate threads, and ctrl...
2003-12-23 samreidtesting wincvs
2003-12-23 samreidtesting wincvs
2003-11-28 eprAdded VmProcessor.getCpuID
2003-11-28 eprAdded cpu identification
2003-11-26 eprAdded optimization level support in compile command
2003-11-25 eprInitial checkin of new structure