Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
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2008-05-09 crawleyFixed typo in a command description
2008-05-08 crawleyConverted SuiteCommand ... but see the bug I'm going...
2008-05-08 crawleyMore unit test tweaks .... The TestManager still doesn...
2008-05-07 crawleyUmmm ... the shell tests listed are test suites
2008-05-06 crawleyCreated a plugin for the shell JUnit tests
2008-05-06 crawleyConverted TestCommand (aka utest)
2008-05-06 crawleyRemoved the hacky 'main' method from the Vm class and...
2008-05-06 crawleyConverted LsIRQCommand (was LsIRQ)
2008-05-05 crawleyConverted KdbCommand
2008-05-05 crawleyConverted PluginCommand ... but I cannot figure out...
2008-05-05 crawleyConverted HaltCommand and RebootCommand
2008-05-05 crawleyMore improvements to Log4jCommand. Level arguments...
2008-05-04 crawleyConverted and enhanced Log4jCommand
2008-05-04 crawleyConverted SMBusCommand, and moved it from the
2008-05-04 crawleyConverted AcpiCommand. (Seems to work, but ACPI is...
2008-05-03 crawleyConverted ConsoleCommand
2008-05-03 crawleyConverted ClearConsoleCommand
2008-05-03 crawleyConverted DeviceCommand
2008-05-02 crawleyOverhaul 'udpout' (now 'remoteout') to support TCP...
2008-04-27 crawleyConverted DebugCommand. (It doesn't work though: see...
2008-04-26 crawleyConverted BshCommand
2008-04-26 crawleyConverted and tidied up ThreadCommand
2008-04-25 crawleyConverted OnheapCommand
2008-04-25 crawleyConverted NamepaceCommand.
2008-04-25 crawleyConverted MemoryCommand
2008-04-25 crawleyConverted LocaleCommand, and added the "--list" option...
2008-04-24 crawleyRewrite some 'repeat' syntaxes as 'optional' syntaxes.
2008-04-24 crawleyConverted LoadkeysCommand
2008-04-24 crawleyConverted KillCommand. Note that 'kill' is currently...
2008-04-23 crawleyConverted JavaCommand and tidied up the error detection...
2008-04-22 crawleyConvert RunCommand
2008-04-22 crawleyConverted HistoryCommand
2008-04-21 crawleyConverted HelpCommand
2008-04-21 crawleyConverted GrepCommand
2008-04-19 crawleyImplement a mechanism for setting and clearing heap...
2008-04-19 crawleyConverted 'GcCommand'
2008-04-19 crawleyConverted ExitCommand
2008-04-18 crawleyConverted ExecCommand to new syntax
2008-04-18 crawleyAdded 'env' syntax + capitalized descriptions, etc
2008-04-14 crawleyConverted 'echo' command to new syntax
2008-04-13 crawleyAdded "clear" command by Jacob Kosod.
2008-04-11 crawleyFixed inconsistencies in the syntax of the syntax command.
2008-04-10 crawleyImplemented a new command for dumping and loading Synta...
2008-04-08 crawleyConverted 'disasm' command to use new syntax mechanism
2008-04-06 crawleyConverted DateCommand to use new syntax mechanism, etc
2008-04-06 crawleyEnabled code to find out what the max --level should...
2008-04-06 crawleyOoops ... fixed broken XML
2008-04-06 crawleyRecoded 'compile' command to use new syntax mechanism...
2008-04-03 crawleyConvert ClasspathCommand to new syntax mechanism.
2008-03-31 crawleyAdd permission needed to allow the shell to run the...
2008-03-28 crawleyConverted the 'class' command to new-style syntax and...
2008-03-27 crawleyConverted 'alias' command to use new syntax system
2008-03-24 crawleyConverted cpuid command to new syntax
2008-03-16 crawleyChanges to add / integrate the new-style command syntax...
2008-02-12 lsanthaAdded required permissions.
2008-01-24 lsanthaAdded missing permissions.
2008-01-12 lsanthaAdded support for hotswapping.
2007-11-03 lsanthaInitial version of the Bjorne shell implementation...
2007-10-20 lsanthaExtensions to the command shell by crawley.
2007-08-23 lsanthaReworked the patch sent by crawley for proclet support...
2007-08-02 lsanthaKeyboard input patch by Stephen Crawley. This patch...
2007-05-18 lsanthaAdded standard scripting support (included beanshell...
2007-05-18 lsanthaAdded standard scripting support (included beanshell...
2007-05-09 lsanthaCommand test renamed to utest.
2007-02-10 lsanthaFixed bsh command and updated beanshell to 2.0b4.
2006-12-20 qadesconsolidated arguments
2006-09-23 lsanthaadded run and exit commands
2006-06-08 hagar-wizechanged name = * to name =...
2006-04-18 fduminy- added command for the testrunner framework
2006-03-24 konkubinatenadded alias for grep command
2006-03-14 lsanthaPermissions needed for accessing a .jar file via 'class...
2006-03-13 galatnmfix permissions.
2006-02-13 hagar-wizeFixed the udpout command: missed
2006-02-04 lsanthaBeanshellCommand moved to separate plugin.
2006-02-04 lsanthaBeanshellCommand moved to separate package.
2006-02-04 lsanthaRemoved beanshell dependence.
2006-01-16 fduminyadded permissions for fs tests
2006-01-04 hagar-wizeant can now echo again
2005-12-30 fduminyadded permission to do a Ctrl+C in the shell
2005-12-03 lsanthaAdded RuntimePermission modifyThreadGroup.
2005-12-03 lsanthaAdded RuntimePermission modifyThreadGroup.
2005-11-13 lsanthaAdded support for samba fs.
2005-11-10 lsanthano message
2005-09-18 eprFixed test command
2005-07-29 hagar-wizeadded "" name="*" actions...
2005-05-25 eprRenamed org.jnode.driver.acpi to org.jnode.driver.syste...
2005-05-21 fduminyadded permissions to run ant command
2005-05-16 fduminyadded some permissions
2005-05-15 eprMoved ant command to its own plugin
2005-05-15 fduminyadded ant command (not working yet)
2005-05-11 hagar-wizeupdated with license name/url and provider-url
2005-05-10 eprAdded license info to plugins
2005-05-08 fduminyadded permission to read a config file
2005-03-10 trickkisteKillCommand added,
2005-03-09 hagar-wizeadded write permisson to the commands
2005-02-09 eprAdded "kernel debugger" (serial port output) to the...
2005-02-04 hagar-wizeonheap command is added. It let's one see the numbers...
2004-12-31 eprAdded classpath command
2004-11-27 lsanthaAdded disasm command
2004-10-05 eprSecurity fix in udpout