A RAMFile is stored in a list of Buffer object to support arbitrary large files.
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2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2010-05-16 fduminy- moved (resource related) classes from org.jnode.syste...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.secur...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.vm...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved dependency cycle between org.jnode.vm <-> org...
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-02 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2009-10-23 galatnmFix some findbugs problems.
2009-07-02 galatnmUse valueOf instead of 'new'.
2009-07-02 galatnmFix typo.
2009-05-23 crawleyFixing compiler warnings
2009-04-30 crawleyAdded Eclipse project/buildbath for CLI and changes...
2009-04-29 chrisboertienRefactor of org.jnode.net.command to org.jnode.command.net
2009-04-17 crawleyUpdate Eclipse buildpaths to attach source JAR for...
2009-04-15 crawleyFix eclipse configs so that JNode will build following...
2009-04-12 crawleyCommit of patch from issue #2959. Adds ability to...
2009-04-06 lsanthaSeparating jnode specific code from classlib.
2009-04-05 fduminyfixes for eclipse's classpath issues :
2009-03-30 crawleyReplace '<<' and '>>' in XML attribute strings with...
2009-03-26 crawleyFixed the last of the Javadoc warnings
2009-03-21 crawleyCorrected same bug in another method + improved excepti...
2009-03-21 crawleyFix for NPE when a network device has no associated...
2009-03-14 galatnmCorrect wrong if condition.
2009-02-18 crawleyFix .classpath file to track crypto lib change
2009-02-18 lsanthaRemoved unused and outdated plugins.
2009-02-15 fduminyfixed checkstyle config files for eclipse
2009-02-15 fduminyrenamed eclipse projects to match their directory names...
2009-02-02 lsanthaFixed header.
2009-02-01 lsanthaFixed headers.
2009-01-26 crawleyExplicitly exclude '.svn' directories to stop Eclipse...
2009-01-11 crawleyRename the 'token' field of the CommandToken type to...
2008-12-02 lsanthaUpdated InetlliJ IDEA project files to version 8.
2008-12-01 galatnmCorrect compare in isBroadcast method.
2008-11-22 fduminyfixed warning for removed package org/jnode/net/help
2008-11-22 crawleyRemoving 'old syntax' code
2008-11-09 crawleyChanging commands to use 'execute()' and PrintWriters...
2008-09-27 lsanthaRemoved redundant type casts.
2008-09-27 lsanthaRemoved redundant type casts.
2008-09-27 lsanthaRemoved redundant type casts.
2008-09-26 lsanthaAdded more SharedStatics annotations.
2008-09-26 lsanthaRemoved redundant type casts.
2008-09-21 crawleyPartial fix for issue #2767 - test for the case where...
2008-09-21 crawleyCheckstyle changes
2008-09-07 crawleyImprovements to 'wget': 1) support multiple URL argumen...
2008-08-26 galatnmBasic version of wget command.
2008-08-26 galatnmBasic version of wget command.
2008-08-25 lsanthaFixed NPE.
2008-08-22 crawleyFixed a broken 'equals' method in a class that is not...
2008-08-19 lsanthaFixed ouput paths and module dependencies. This enables...
2008-08-04 lsanthaFixed support for nfs:// and smb:// URLs. This fixes...
2008-07-29 crawleyMore error message tidyups
2008-07-17 fduminyeclipse setting: set source code level to 1.6 instead...
2008-06-21 fduminyadded config for checkstyle eclipse plugin
2008-06-15 lsanthaImprovements to file times. Patch by Daniel Noll.
2008-06-15 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2008-06-15 lsanthaMinor fixes.
2008-06-15 lsanthaTurned off dangerous logging.
2008-06-09 crawleystyle fix for last checkin
2008-06-08 crawleyFix for bug introduced when I converted PingCommand.
2008-06-08 crawleyLast style fixes for Net (apart from via_rhine)
2008-06-08 crawleystyle fixes
2008-06-08 crawleyStyle fixes
2008-06-08 crawleystyle fixes
2008-06-08 crawleyStyle fixes
2008-05-31 lsanthaMoved nanoxml to endrosed sources.
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-14 crawleyConverted WlanCtlCommand
2008-05-13 crawleyConverted TftpCommand, refactored a bit and fixed some...
2008-05-13 crawleyPreliminary code-style changes
2008-05-13 crawleyConverted RpcInfoCommand
2008-05-12 crawleyCounverted RouteCommand
2008-05-12 crawleyAdd support for "default" <->
2008-05-12 crawleyArgument class for hostname / IP_v4 address
2008-05-12 crawleyConverted ResolverCommand.
2008-05-12 crawleyFixed a NPE that occurs if you run the "resolver" befor...
2008-05-12 crawleyFix indentation etc in prep for real changes
2008-05-11 crawleyConverted PingCommand
2008-05-11 crawleyConverted NetstatCommand
2008-05-11 crawleyRenamed / converted TcpInoutCommand
2008-05-10 crawleyImplemented an IPv4 Argument class. Converted Ifconfig...
2008-05-10 crawleyConverted DhcpCommand
2008-05-09 crawleyConverted BootpCommand
2008-05-09 crawleyConverted ArpCommand
2008-05-06 hagar-wizefixed problem with close port after a TCP Connection...
2008-03-27 crawleyAttach the source JAR file for dnsjava.
2008-03-27 crawleyThe plugin descriptor version was wrong. We are using...
2008-03-16 crawleyApplied patch for issue #659 - check loopback is set...
2008-02-22 hagar-wizegit-svn-id: https://jnode.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot...
2008-02-21 lsanthaFixed startup problem.
2008-02-21 hagar-wizeavoiding array out of bound exception
2008-02-12 lsanthaTransformed loops to allocation-free variant.
2008-02-05 lsanthaNFS improvements by Andrei Dore:
2008-02-03 lsanthaFixed typo in ping command. - by Ian Darwin
2008-01-24 lsanthaFixed security exception.
2008-01-24 lsanthaAdded missing permissions.
2008-01-21 fduminyfixed eclipse classpath
2008-01-19 lsanthaAdded 'dig' and 'lookup' aliases.