Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / net /
2008-07-17 fduminyeclipse setting: set source code level to 1.6 instead...
2008-06-21 fduminyadded config for checkstyle eclipse plugin
2008-06-15 lsanthaImprovements to file times. Patch by Daniel Noll.
2008-06-15 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2008-06-15 lsanthaMinor fixes.
2008-06-15 lsanthaTurned off dangerous logging.
2008-06-09 crawleystyle fix for last checkin
2008-06-08 crawleyFix for bug introduced when I converted PingCommand.
2008-06-08 crawleyLast style fixes for Net (apart from via_rhine)
2008-06-08 crawleystyle fixes
2008-06-08 crawleyStyle fixes
2008-06-08 crawleystyle fixes
2008-06-08 crawleyStyle fixes
2008-05-31 lsanthaMoved nanoxml to endrosed sources.
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-30 hagar-wizereformat code
2008-05-14 crawleyConverted WlanCtlCommand
2008-05-13 crawleyConverted TftpCommand, refactored a bit and fixed some...
2008-05-13 crawleyPreliminary code-style changes
2008-05-13 crawleyConverted RpcInfoCommand
2008-05-12 crawleyCounverted RouteCommand
2008-05-12 crawleyAdd support for "default" <->
2008-05-12 crawleyArgument class for hostname / IP_v4 address
2008-05-12 crawleyConverted ResolverCommand.
2008-05-12 crawleyFixed a NPE that occurs if you run the "resolver" befor...
2008-05-12 crawleyFix indentation etc in prep for real changes
2008-05-11 crawleyConverted PingCommand
2008-05-11 crawleyConverted NetstatCommand
2008-05-11 crawleyRenamed / converted TcpInoutCommand
2008-05-10 crawleyImplemented an IPv4 Argument class. Converted Ifconfig...
2008-05-10 crawleyConverted DhcpCommand
2008-05-09 crawleyConverted BootpCommand
2008-05-09 crawleyConverted ArpCommand
2008-05-06 hagar-wizefixed problem with close port after a TCP Connection...
2008-03-27 crawleyAttach the source JAR file for dnsjava.
2008-03-27 crawleyThe plugin descriptor version was wrong. We are using...
2008-03-16 crawleyApplied patch for issue #659 - check loopback is set...
2008-02-22 hagar-wizegit-svn-id:
2008-02-21 lsanthaFixed startup problem.
2008-02-21 hagar-wizeavoiding array out of bound exception
2008-02-12 lsanthaTransformed loops to allocation-free variant.
2008-02-05 lsanthaNFS improvements by Andrei Dore:
2008-02-03 lsanthaFixed typo in ping command. - by Ian Darwin
2008-01-24 lsanthaFixed security exception.
2008-01-24 lsanthaAdded missing permissions.
2008-01-21 fduminyfixed eclipse classpath
2008-01-19 lsanthaAdded 'dig' and 'lookup' aliases.
2008-01-19 lsanthaAdded sources for dnsjava 1.6.6. Removed dnsjava 2...
2008-01-19 lsanthaFixed DNS support and improved support for DatagramChan...
2008-01-17 hagar-wizetest
2008-01-02 lsanthaNFS improvements, refactorings and nfs:// URL supprt...
2008-01-02 lsanthaNFS improvements, refactorings and nfs:// URL supprt...
2008-01-02 konkubinaten+ added descriptor for 1097:9055 3Com 3C905B 100baseTX...
2007-11-03 lsanthaVarious shell and command refactorings by crawley.
2007-10-27 lsanthaWorkaround for unsupported SO_TIMEOUT.
2007-10-21 lsanthaRpcInfoCommand improvements by Andrei Dore.
2007-10-20 lsanthaFixed the ANT project name.
2007-10-17 lsanthaFixed Intellij Idea project modules.
2007-10-17 lsanthaInitial version of NFS file system implementation by...
2007-09-23 lsanthaRefactored PingCommand for isolate support. (Reply...
2007-09-21 lsanthaEnabled networking support for isolates.
2007-09-14 lsanthaFixed my name.
2007-08-04 lsanthaUpdated Intellij IDEA module files.
2007-07-29 lsanthaProgress with isolates.
2007-05-17 fduminyfixed some classpath issues for eclipse
2007-05-05 lsanthaVIA Rhine code restructuring. Simple things are working.
2007-05-02 lsanthavia-rhine nic driver, initial commit.
2007-05-02 lsanthavia-rhine nic driver, initial commit.
2007-05-02 lsanthavia-rhine nic driver, initial commit.
2007-05-02 lsanthavia-rhine nic driver, initial commit.
2007-02-27 galatnmRefactor code to be more generic.
2007-01-10 hagar-wizeupdated to dnsjava 2.0.3
2007-01-03 lsanthaAdded classes.
2007-01-03 lsanthaUndoing last chenge.
2007-01-03 lsanthaMoved shell related classes to shell project. Avoid...
2006-12-22 hagar-wizeMoved the printing of the dns servers to the command...
2006-12-22 lsanthaMethod execute() reverted to previous state for fixing...
2006-12-20 qadesconsolidated arguments
2006-12-09 QaDeSNetCommand replaces ConnectCommand
2006-12-09 QaDeSNetCommand replaces ConnectCommand
2006-12-08 QaDeSadded net command and default socket permissions
2006-12-08 konkubinatenAdded a netcat like command for easier testing the...
2006-08-26 galatnmBasic usb bluetooth driver.
2006-08-26 galatnmBasic usb bluetooth driver.
2006-07-10 galatnmImplement Command interface.
2006-07-07 galatnmAdd reference to junit.jar
2006-07-07 galatnmUnit test for EthernetAddress class.
2006-03-20 galatnmcomplete init method for Rx and Tx descriptor
2006-03-12 lsanthaApplying patch subbmitted by Prem Kumar. JNode can...
2006-03-02 galatnmAdd 82562EZ mapping.
2006-01-01 eprUpdated header for license
2006-01-01 eprUpdated header for copyright years and FSF address
2005-12-31 eprUpdated header for 2006
2005-11-29 eprMoved commons-net jar from jnode-net to jnode-core
2005-11-26 galatnmUpdate jsch library to version 0.1.24.
2005-11-21 eprAdded required permission
2005-11-21 eprFixed crash in dhcp
2005-11-14 galatnmRemove debug to avoid NPE.