Fixes command syntax for ls and dir.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / gui /
2011-08-21 lsanthaFixed playing beep with the play command.
2011-08-21 lsanthaTurn off all sounds when stopping the PC speaker device.
2011-07-15 lsanthaNimbus L&F.
2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2010-12-27 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2010-07-11 fduminyMerge git:// into...
2010-05-16 fduminy- moved (resource related) classes from org.jnode.syste...
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs fixes: fixed inconsistent synchronzation....
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2009-07-12 lsanthaFixed code style.
2009-07-02 galatnmUse format instead of name in message of the exception.
2009-07-02 galatnmDon't use '==' for string comparaison.
2009-05-24 crawleyFixed compiler warnings
2009-05-24 crawleyFixing compiler warnings
2009-04-17 crawleyUpdate Eclipse buildpaths to attach source JAR for...
2009-04-15 crawleyFix eclipse configs so that JNode will build following...
2009-04-06 lsanthaSeparating jnode specific code from classlib.
2009-03-30 crawleyCheckstyle (mostly) and javadoc fixes.
2009-03-30 crawleyReplace '<<' and '>>' in XML attribute strings with...
2009-03-26 crawleyFixed the last of the Javadoc warnings
2009-03-26 crawleyJavadoc fixes
2009-03-25 crawleyJavadoc fixes
2009-03-22 crawleyJavadocs and FIXMEs
2009-02-15 fduminyfixed checkstyle config files for eclipse
2009-02-15 fduminyrenamed eclipse projects to match their directory names...
2009-02-15 konkubinatenadded descriptors for cirrus driver. If you have a...
2009-02-15 konkubinatenadded an initial version of a Cirrus driver for usage...
2009-02-15 konkubinatenadded an implementation for the Vesa general timing...
2009-02-02 lsanthaAlternative for PRINTSCREEN: Ctrl+Alt-F10
2009-02-02 lsanthaFixed header.
2009-02-01 lsanthaFixed headers.
2009-02-01 lsanthaDesktop improvements.
2009-01-31 lsanthaUsability improvements.
2009-01-31 lsanthaAvoid PS2 mouse failure when there is too much data...
2009-01-31 lsanthaFixed doubleclick.
2009-01-31 lsanthaSwingpeer improvements.
2009-01-27 lsanthaReplaced deprecated method.
2009-01-27 lsanthaDeskop performance improvements.
2009-01-26 lsanthaStyle fixes.
2009-01-26 lsanthaStyle fixes.
2009-01-26 lsanthaOnly frames will be added to the windowbar.
2009-01-26 crawleyExplicitly exclude '.svn' directories to stop Eclipse...
2009-01-23 lsanthaBasic support for drawGlyphVector().
2009-01-16 lsanthaImproved modal dialogs.
2009-01-15 lsanthaAddes support for screen insets.
2009-01-15 lsanthaFixed swing window peer bounds.
2009-01-14 lsanthaFixed swing window peer insets.
2009-01-03 lsanthaOpenJDK integration.
2009-01-03 lsanthaFixed more security exceptions.
2009-01-02 lsanthaFixed more security exceptions.
2008-12-27 lsanthaIntegrated java.lang.Class from OpenJDK.
2008-12-18 lsanthaIntegrated java.lang.reflect.Method from OpenJDK.
2008-12-07 lsanthaFixed code style.
2008-12-02 lsanthaUpdated InetlliJ IDEA project files to version 8.
2008-11-29 crawleyMore refactoring of Emu related stuff
2008-11-27 lsanthaCreated emu source tree in core and moved BasicNameSpac...
2008-11-26 crawleyMoved BasicNameSpace to core and fixed it so that it...
2008-11-23 lsanthaopenjdk integration
2008-11-17 lsanthaImproved isolate support for GUI applications.
2008-11-17 crawleycheckstyle fixes
2008-11-10 crawleyMore conversion of commands to use 'execute()' and...
2008-11-09 crawleyChanging commands to use 'execute()' and PrintWriters...
2008-11-09 crawleyCheckstyle fixes
2008-11-09 crawleyConverting some commands to use the new 'execute' method
2008-11-04 lsanthaImplemented preferences based desktop background color.
2008-10-24 lsanthaFixed code style.
2008-10-24 lsanthaAdded BDF font conptributed by Stephen Meslin-Weber...
2008-10-22 lsanthaFixed the startup of FBConsole.
2008-10-14 lsanthaAdded 1280x800 resolution.
2008-10-08 fduminyfixed problem with ttf fonts being displayed too big
2008-10-08 fduminy- moved common stuff from children to base classes...
2008-10-08 fduminyfixed typo error in javadoc
2008-10-06 lsanthaStyle fixes.
2008-10-04 crawleyConverted the KeyboardInterpreterFactory into a manager...
2008-10-03 crawleySplit KeyboardInterpreter into an interface and abstrac...
2008-10-03 crawleyApplied patch to use 0xffff as the unmapped character...
2008-09-30 fduminy- further implementation of BDF fonts & peers related...
2008-09-27 fduminyImplemented more methods around font metrics ... :
2008-09-27 lsanthaRemoved redundant type casts.
2008-09-27 lsanthaRemoved redundant type casts.
2008-09-25 fduminyremoved unnecessary call to Unsafe.debugStacktrace()
2008-09-18 fduminy- added concept of NameSpaceListener
2008-09-17 lsanthaAdded support for multiple mice and keyboards in AWT.
2008-09-06 fduminy- simplified management of "first provider" by replacin...
2008-09-06 fduminyfixed debug message + removed tracing of the 0x0 clip...
2008-09-06 fduminyfixed typo in javadoc
2008-09-06 fduminyfixed stack overflow in TTF renderer
2008-08-20 fduminyremoved export for packages that doesn't exist
2008-08-20 fduminymerged calls to Unsafe.debug* methods
2008-08-20 fduminyhide cursor when MouseHandler is closed so that FBConso...
2008-08-19 lsanthaFixed ouput paths and module dependencies. This enables...
2008-08-15 fduminyadded @Override annotations + some final keywords
2008-08-15 fduminyreverted all changes from revision 4439
2008-08-15 fduminyremoved method sync(int, int) from TextScreen interface
2008-08-14 fduminyfixed bug preventing from running 2 times the VESAComma...
2008-08-11 fduminyremoved JTextAreaTextScreen in favor of SwingConsole
2008-08-09 fduminyadded @Override annotations
2008-08-09 fduminyadded @Override annotations
2008-08-07 lsanthaChanged desktop background image.
2008-08-06 lsanthaThe gui module depends on shell module.