Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
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2008-07-05 fduminy- extracted SoftwareCursor from vesa plugin to its...
2008-06-19 fduminyoptimizations of TextScreen(Console) operations (sync...
2008-06-14 lsanthaMoved Tetris, BoxWorld, Rubik to distr games.
2008-06-09 crawleyConverted PlayCommand and BeepCommand
2008-06-03 crawleyConverted FBTest
2008-04-17 fduminyinitial version of vbe/vesa driver
2007-10-22 lsanthaAdded exitVM permission to gui tests.
2007-09-14 fduminyfixed bug ( : added permissions
2007-06-26 lsanthaAdded required permission.
2007-04-22 lsanthaAdded device IDs
2006-10-06 lsanthaAdded desktop background image.
2006-10-01 lsanthaadded permissions
2006-10-01 lsanthaadded permissions
2006-09-25 hagar-wizechanging default font to bdf
2006-09-23 lsanthaswing console support
2006-09-23 lsanthaswing textscreen support
2006-03-25 lsanthaAdded org.jnode.driver.sound.speaker plugin as requirement.
2006-03-19 lsanthaAdded permission required for changing L&F.
2006-03-04 lsanthaAdded GeForce2 MX 200 DDR.
2006-02-26 fduminyadded BDF fonts renderer (not yet working in JNode)
2006-02-26 fduminyremoved unneeded import
2006-02-26 fduminy- added package org.jnode.awt.font.spi
2006-02-26 fduminyplugin org.jnode.awt.font.truetype is now a fragment...
2006-01-16 fduminyadded background image to desktop (but Classpath imagei...
2006-01-16 fduminyadded new console using JTextAreaTextScreenScreen
2005-10-18 lsanthaAdded classic desktop package.
2005-08-31 lsanthaAdded Rubik's Cube.
2005-08-29 fduminyadded permissions for RobotTest
2005-08-28 lsanthaAdded awt robot test.
2005-08-14 lsanthaAdded menu builder test.
2005-08-14 lsanthaAdded JTable and JTree test.
2005-07-22 eprStart of framebuffer based console
2005-07-12 eprFixed permission issues regarding System.setIn
2005-07-12 lsanthaAdded the necessary permissions for setting System...
2005-07-07 hagar-wizestarted working on adding the Nvidia GeForce4 4200...
2005-07-01 eprSignificant step in improve font renderer
2005-06-30 galatnmAdd pci id for intel I740
2005-06-30 eprRemoved app buttons of non-working apps
2005-06-28 eprMinor changes
2005-06-28 eprFixed layout issues & stack overflows caused by endless...
2005-06-27 eprAdded MouseEventTest alias
2005-06-25 eprFixed lightweight child layout problems
2005-06-25 eprFixed lightweight child layout problems
2005-06-24 eprAdded AWTMenuTest
2005-06-15 lsanthaVarious improvemnts. (Gui programs can be run directly)
2005-06-08 lsanthaImproved window behaviour.
2005-06-07 lsanthaAdded Thinlet test to the desktop.
2005-06-05 samreidAdded ConsoleTest & permission to setIO
2005-06-02 eprSeperating swing peers into its own plugin
2005-05-25 eprMinor renames
2005-05-25 eprRenamed org.jnode.driver.pci to org.jnode.driver.bus.pci
2005-05-23 markhaleChanged configureFinders/Mappers log message to be...
2005-05-17 eprAdded license-name
2005-05-11 eprRemoved duplicate dependencies
2005-05-11 eprRemoved duplicate dependencies
2005-05-10 eprAdded license info to plugins
2005-05-02 galatnmAdd geforce 3 with NV10A.
2005-03-06 lsanthaAdded missing permission.
2005-03-06 eprRestored simple font-renderer
2004-12-30 eprInitial checkin of ATI Mach64 driver framework
2004-11-28 eprAdded various font render utilities
2004-11-21 eprAdded application startup support to the desktop
2004-11-20 lsanthaAdded Thinlet
2004-11-20 eprAdded desktop
2004-11-16 eprRemoved WTTest alias
2004-11-07 lsanthaLots of swingpeer improvments
2004-11-05 lsanthaGUI improvments
2004-10-30 epr*** empty log message ***
2004-10-19 eprAdded events package
2004-10-09 eprAdded Swing test class (no graphics yet, just a test...
2004-09-12 eprExperimental Radion M7 LW support
2004-07-25 eprAdded AWT peers implemented using swing widgets
2004-05-01 eprAdded MemoryScanner
2004-04-22 eprNext step in Radeon support. First pixels show up
2004-04-21 eprFramework for ATI Radeon card driver
2004-04-18 eprReplaced vga finder by vga mapper that only installs...
2004-04-18 eprAdded generalized PCI device / class to driver mappers
2004-04-12 eprMajor change in plugin system
2004-03-18 epr- Protected ResourceManager.claimIOPorts using Resource...
2004-03-14 eprFully implemented SecurityManager & AccessController
2004-02-28 eprAddition of JNode-Distr (distribution) project
2004-01-27 eprVarious updates
2004-01-02 eprMajor change in Plugin system, to prepare for reloadabl...
2003-12-13 eprAdded jnode wt server
2003-11-29 epr"Ported" website build
2003-11-26 eprAdded optimization level support in compile command
2003-11-25 eprInitial checkin of new structure