Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / gui / build.xml
2006-02-26 fduminyadded BDF fonts renderer (not yet working in JNode)
2006-01-21 lsanthaFixed compilation.
2006-01-16 fduminyadded background image to desktop (but Classpath imagei...
2005-05-09 eprStandardized common build tasks by introduction of...
2005-05-04 fduminyadded property compilerarg that can be overwritten...
2005-04-20 hagar-wize<compilerarg value="-Xlint:unchecked"/> is add to the...
2005-01-15 eprForced source file encoding in build scripts and eclips...
2004-11-21 eprMoved TextUI to seperate project location
2004-11-20 lsanthaAdded Thinlet
2004-11-20 eprAdded desktop
2004-09-10 eprDefaulted to L1A compiler
2004-02-08 lsanthaAdded textgui to sourcepath.
2003-12-10 olegvFixed ant build
2003-11-28 eprAdded cpu identification
2003-11-25 eprInitial checkin of new structure