Fixes command syntax for ls and dir.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / fs /
2011-08-16 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2011-08-16 lsanthaImprovements 'fdisk' command to output and device param...
2011-08-16 lsanthaFixed API registration bug in IDEDiskDriver.
2011-08-16 lsanthaIncreased timeout for IDE device detection.
2011-08-11 galatnmFS : clean up HFS+ code.
2011-08-04 galatnmFix HFS+ cast exception.
2011-07-31 lsanthaExtended 'eject' command to load media with the '-t...
2011-07-31 lsanthaAdded support for loading the removable media into...
2011-07-31 lsanthaIncreased timeout for CD-ROM operations from 5s to...
2011-07-25 lsanthaPatch contributed by griff with the following comments:
2011-06-24 galatnmRemove commented code.
2011-06-05 lsanthaApplied patch by Daniel Noll:
2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2010-12-27 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2010-05-16 fduminy- moved (resource related) classes from org.jnode.syste...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.secur...
2010-05-16 fduminy- removed dependency cycle between org.jnode.naming...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.vm...
2010-04-03 fduminyformatted comment
2010-03-26 galatnmReturn space on the device.
2010-03-26 galatnmFix dates.
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-02 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2009-10-23 galatnmFix some findbugs problems.
2009-10-23 galatnmFix possible null pointer.
2009-08-16 lsanthaReplaced DoPrivileged pragma with PrivilegedAction.
2009-08-12 lsanthaFixed coding style.
2009-08-10 galatnmCheckStyle.
2009-08-10 galatnmCheckStyle.
2009-08-10 galatnmCheckStyle.
2009-08-07 galatnmFix wrong variable used in getRecord method and update...
2009-07-30 galatnmRefactor fdisk command.
2009-07-24 galatnmPrint partition informations should now print number...
2009-07-22 galatnmCheck remaining space when insert a record in a node.
2009-07-12 lsanthaFixed code style.
2009-07-03 galatnmFix possible NullPointerException.
2009-07-03 galatnmRemove new String(...)
2009-06-08 crawleyParameter rename
2009-06-08 crawleyPut "plain" report files for JUnit tests into <project...
2009-05-23 crawleyUse binary Ks for displaying ramdisk size
2009-05-23 crawleyFixing compiler warnings, etc
2009-05-23 crawleyFixing lots of compiler warnings.
2009-05-04 crawleyCreated 'build-tests.xml' for the FS unit tests.
2009-04-29 chrisboertienRefactored commands from fs project to cli project
2009-04-28 galatnmRenaming
2009-04-28 galatnmAdd missing setters.
2009-04-27 galatnmFix various NullPointerException.
2009-04-24 lsanthaRestored alias for find command.
2009-04-24 chrisboertienAwk implementation via Jawk
2009-04-19 fduminyfixed various bugs in JPartition/JPartitionTest
2009-04-19 fduminyfixed case of constructing a JGrub with a non partition...
2009-04-19 chrisboertienCosmetic fixes to fs commands.
2009-04-19 chrisboertienFix up issues with streams not being properly protected.
2009-04-18 chrisboertiencheckstyle fixes
2009-04-17 crawleyUpdate Eclipse buildpaths to attach source JAR for...
2009-04-16 chrisboertienMore zip command implementation
2009-04-16 lsanthaOptimized imports.
2009-04-15 chrisboertienUpdates to ADW and FindCommand javadoc by Alexander...
2009-04-15 chrisboertienImplemented zip/unzip commands.
2009-04-15 crawleyFix eclipse configs so that JNode will build following...
2009-04-13 crawleyCorrect inaccurate dependencies
2009-04-12 crawleyCommit of patch from issue #2959. Adds ability to...
2009-04-10 chrisboertiencheckstyle fixes
2009-04-06 lsanthaSeparating jnode specific code from classlib.
2009-04-05 fduminy- removed hard dependency on junit 3.8 (depends on...
2009-04-05 fduminyfixes for eclipse's classpath issues :
2009-04-05 lsanthaProgress with fs tests: migrating to junit-4.5 - by...
2009-04-05 lsanthaProgress with the find command - by Alexander Kerner
2009-04-04 chrisboertienFixed help issues with archive commands
2009-04-03 chrisboertienImplemented bzip/gzip for tar as well as other fixes
2009-04-01 lsantha'find' command implementation - by Alexander Kerner
2009-04-01 lsanthaFixed security issue.
2009-04-01 lsanthaQuick fix for failure in compilation.
2009-04-01 lsanthaQuick fix for failure in compilation.
2009-04-01 chrisboertiencheckstyle fixes
2009-04-01 chrisboertienMore fs-archive command implementation
2009-03-31 lsanthaFixed report ganaration for fs tests.
2009-03-31 lsanthaFixed code style.
2009-03-31 lsanthaIntegrated patch by Stefan Anzinger:
2009-03-31 chrisboertienrefactored archive commands to fs
2009-03-30 chrisboertienimplemented verbose/interactive commands into del
2009-03-30 crawleyCheckstyle (mostly) and javadoc fixes.
2009-03-30 crawleyReplace '<<' and '>>' in XML attribute strings with...
2009-03-30 lsanthaFixed fs testsuite to be runnable outside JNode.
2009-03-29 lsanthaOpenJDK integration.
2009-03-29 lsanthaSecurity fixes.
2009-03-28 lsanthaRemoved unneeded field.
2009-03-27 chrisboertienMore openjdk, implemented gzip commands...
2009-03-27 galatnmCorrect writing of node records.
2009-03-26 galatnmOrganize imports.
2009-03-26 galatnmRewrite Node class and sub-classes
2009-03-26 crawleyJavadoc fixes (and minor de-uglification)
2009-03-25 crawleyJavadoc fixes
2009-03-25 crawleyJavadoc fixes
2009-03-24 crawleyJavadoc fixes
2009-03-24 crawleyJavadoc fixes
2009-03-19 galatnmFix in memory creation of directory.
2009-03-19 galatnmFix creation of root entry.
2009-03-19 galatnmFix checkstyle and Fix problem with creation of root...