Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / fs /
2008-07-17 fduminyeclipse setting: set source code level to 1.6 instead...
2008-07-01 lsanthaFix for FAT names sometimes having junk after them...
2008-06-29 crawleyStyle fixes
2008-06-29 crawleyChange URLArgument from an Argument<String> to an Argum...
2008-06-21 fduminyadded config for checkstyle eclipse plugin
2008-06-15 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2008-06-15 lsanthaImproved the output of df command.
2008-06-15 lsanthaFile systems sizes are -1 when undefined.
2008-06-15 lsanthaImprovements to file times. Patch by Daniel Noll.
2008-06-10 crawleyConverted SMBMountCommand ... that's the last one I...
2008-06-10 crawleyConverted CreateJIFSCommand
2008-06-08 lsanthaImplemented write support for SMBFS.
2008-06-07 crawleycheckstyle changes
2008-06-07 crawleystyle changes
2008-06-07 crawleyCheckstyle changes
2008-06-07 crawleyStyle fixes
2008-06-06 lsanthaCoding style fixes.
2008-06-06 lsanthaSMB FS improvements.
2008-06-06 crawleyStyle fixes
2008-06-06 crawleyCheckstyle fixes
2008-06-05 crawleyFixes for Java compilation warnings and CheckStyle...
2008-06-04 crawleyConverted NFSMountCommand, fixed bugs and added flags...
2008-06-04 crawleyConverted JGrubCommand
2008-06-04 lsanthaCode style fixes.
2008-06-03 crawleyConverted FTPMountCommand & tried to get it to undo...
2008-06-02 lsanthaReformatted.
2008-06-02 lsanthaReformatted.
2008-06-01 crawleyConverted FdiskCommand, tidied up and fixed some minor...
2008-05-31 crawleyConverted TouchCommand (and tweaked error messages)
2008-05-31 crawleyMinor tweak to command's embedded description
2008-05-30 galatnmFix if data fork has more than one extend.
2008-05-29 galatnmCheckStyle.
2008-05-29 crawleyConverted PwdCommand
2008-05-29 crawleyConverted MouontCommand
2008-05-28 crawleyConverted MkdirCommand
2008-05-27 crawleyConverted HexdumpCommand and added filter support.
2008-05-27 crawleyConverted EjectCommand
2008-05-27 crawleyConvert DirCommand and add support for multiple arguments
2008-05-26 crawleyConverted CdCommand and fixed bugs in no-argument form.
2008-05-26 galatnmAdd mount point in displayed informations.
2008-05-26 galatnmAdd method to get map of devices and associated mount...
2008-05-26 galatnmAdd method to get map of devices and associated mount...
2008-05-24 crawleyConverted DFCommand and added support for a device...
2008-05-24 crawleyConverted RamDiskCommand
2008-05-24 crawleyFixed bogus javadoc tag
2008-05-24 crawleyCompleted support for multi-argument delete: fixed...
2008-05-24 crawleyCorrect indentation
2008-05-23 crawleyConverted the format commands
2008-05-19 crawleyReformated in prep for real changes
2008-05-18 crawleyCosmetic. Tidied imports, tweaked messages and comment...
2008-05-18 crawleyRewrote CpCommand. It now supports multiple arguments...
2008-05-15 galatnmRemove unused import.
2008-05-15 galatnmClean up.
2008-05-15 fduminyfixed wrong assignment of a RAMDirectory as its own...
2008-05-14 galatnmcorrect assignation for parent variable.
2008-05-13 galatnmRefactor code.
2008-05-05 crawleyReplace 'optionSet' with 'optional' so that completion...
2008-05-03 crawleyConverted 'cat' command
2008-04-30 galatnmRename method begin with capital letter.
2008-04-23 crawleyCorrect spelling and clarified some help descriptions.
2008-04-22 hagar-wizesmall change in the recurcive call
2008-04-22 hagar-wizeadded new syntax and recurcive deleting
2008-04-16 galatnmAdd setters.
2008-04-16 galatnmInitial revision.
2008-04-16 galatnmAdd method for filesystem creation.
2008-03-21 crawleyRestructured the completion data structures / code...
2008-03-15 crawleyMake this command class extend AbstractCommand
2008-03-10 fduminyfixed wrong display of memory between JIFS & GcCommand...
2008-03-05 hagar-wizeoutcommented err.println of setLength
2008-02-22 hagar-wizegit-svn-id:
2008-02-21 lsanthaFixed startup problem.
2008-02-21 hagar-wizeAs jnode still don't have lock mechanisme and in the...
2008-02-20 lsanthaImproved file system type handling.
2008-02-17 lsanthaSetting up /jnode/lib/ as required by core classes.
2008-02-17 lsanthaSetting up /jnode/lib/ as required by core classes.
2008-02-16 lsanthaFixed the name of jifs command class.
2008-02-15 galatnmCleanup warnings.
2008-02-15 galatnmFix iterate through directories.
2008-02-15 lsanthaAdded support for hidden FAT partion types - by Daniel...
2008-02-13 galatnmCorrect exception.
2008-02-13 galatnmFix problem with index nodes.
2008-02-13 galatnmFix problem with index nodes.
2008-02-11 lsanthaExtended system plugin list to support the minimal...
2008-02-08 galatnmImplements basic read on file.
2008-02-07 galatnmImplement getLength() for file.
2008-02-07 galatnmFix node names.
2008-02-06 lsanthaImproved file system type handling.
2008-02-06 galatnmworks on directories.
2008-02-05 fduminyadded a variant without parameter to list mounted files...
2008-02-05 fduminyadded getType() method to FileSystem interface
2008-02-05 fduminyadded getType() method to FileSystem interface
2008-02-05 fduminyin all FileSystemType implementations : replaced ID...
2008-02-05 lsanthaFileSystem.getTotalSpace(), getFreeSpace() and getUsabl...
2008-02-05 lsanthaNFS improvements by Andrei Dore:
2008-02-04 fduminy- added class MasterBootRecord to encapsulate the byte...
2008-02-04 galatnmInitial version.
2008-02-03 galatnmworks on entry and directories.
2008-02-01 galatnmImplements CatalogDirectory.
2008-02-01 galatnmFix to get correct record type.
2008-01-31 galatnmInitial release.