Added teamset for easier eclipse setup
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / distr /
2005-01-15 eprForced source file encoding in build scripts and eclips...
2005-01-15 eprCONVERTED TO ASCII
2005-01-04 eprApplied header-fix to update all java file headers
2004-11-21 samreidAdded shell invocation handler for charvabsh.
2004-11-21 eprMoved TextUI to seperate project location
2004-11-21 samreidadded error handling
2004-11-20 samreidAdded functionality, partial error tracing.
2004-09-10 eprDefaulted to L1A compiler
2004-06-18 blindidiotInitial import of TestClient.
2004-06-18 blindidiotPlugin descriptor for the TestClient
2004-05-31 eprFixed various compiler warnings
2004-05-22 eprFixed .classpath
2004-05-20 lsanthaedit command added
2004-05-20 lsanthaedit command added
2004-05-12 samreidCharvabsh file loading is now supported.
2004-05-09 samreidBugfixes for Charva: now it exits, and focus goes back...
2004-03-22 eprFixed several build errors
2004-03-21 samreidAdded charva beanshell application.
2004-03-21 eprAdded apps directory
2004-03-07 epr*** empty log message ***
2004-02-28 eprAddition of JNode-Distr (distribution) project