A RAMFile is stored in a list of Buffer object to support arbitrary large files.
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2011-06-30 lsanthaFixed typo.
2011-04-27 lsanthaFixed 'edit' command invocation.
2010-04-03 fduminyadded javadoc
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2009-08-09 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-07-19 lsanthagit-svn-id: https://jnode.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot...
2009-07-12 lsanthaFixed code style.
2009-07-01 lsanthaVarious fixes.
2009-05-23 crawleyFixing compilation warnings
2009-05-13 chrisboertienBlackbox tests for cat and grep + grep bugfixes
2009-05-11 chrisboertienJawk reworked to use bare commands interface
2009-05-02 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-05-02 fduminyUse of Context to get in/out/err streams instead of...
2009-05-01 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-04-25 crawleyFix Eclipse build path so that JawkCommand compiles
2009-04-24 chrisboertienAwk implementation via Jawk
2009-04-20 crawleyOnce more ... with feeling.
2009-04-19 fduminyfixed various bugs in JPartition/JPartitionTest
2009-04-19 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-04-19 fduminyfixed bad source code formatting
2009-04-19 crawleyImplement the shell properties, and tools to set and...
2009-04-18 fduminyfixed javadoc
2009-04-18 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-04-17 crawleyUpdate Eclipse buildpaths to attach source JAR for...
2009-04-15 crawleyFix eclipse configs so that JNode will build following...
2009-04-05 fduminyremoved distr/lib/junit-4.1.jar, replaced by core/lib...
2009-04-05 fduminyfixes for eclipse's classpath issues :
2009-04-05 lsanthaProgress with fs tests: migrating to junit-4.5 - by...
2009-03-30 crawleyCheckstyle (mostly) and javadoc fixes.
2009-03-30 crawleyReplace '<<' and '>>' in XML attribute strings with...
2009-02-28 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-02-28 fduminyfixed javadoc
2009-02-28 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-02-18 lsanthaFixed IDEA project files.
2009-02-15 fduminyfixed checkstyle config files for eclipse
2009-02-15 fduminyrenamed eclipse projects to match their directory names...
2009-02-02 lsanthaStop the brackground thread on window closing.
2009-02-02 lsanthaFixed header.
2009-02-01 lsanthaFixed headers.
2009-01-28 galatnmfix permissions for jpartition command
2009-01-26 crawleyExplicitly exclude '.svn' directories to stop Eclipse...
2009-01-24 crawleySome incremental tidyups for the CommandShell and Shell...
2009-01-21 crawleyTidy up CommandShell's resource script execution +...
2009-01-18 crawleyFirst checkin of a test harness for testing JNode comma...
2009-01-18 crawleyExpose a method that I want to use elsewhere
2009-01-17 fduminyadded javadoc
2009-01-11 lsanthaImproved CharvaCommander.
2008-12-02 lsanthaUpdated InetlliJ IDEA project files to version 8.
2008-11-29 crawleyMore refactoring of Emu related stuff
2008-11-27 lsanthaCreated emu source tree in core and moved BasicNameSpac...
2008-11-26 crawleyMoved BasicNameSpace to core and fixed it so that it...
2008-11-16 crawleyOverhaul the help subsystem to make it easier to hook...
2008-11-11 fduminyadded junit 4 to classpath of JNode-Distr
2008-11-09 crawleyTracking API changes.
2008-11-09 crawleyCheckstyle fixes
2008-11-09 crawleyConverting some commands to use the new 'execute' method
2008-10-26 lsanthaExit on close.
2008-10-14 lsanthacode style
2008-10-14 lsanthaShow 'Saved...' massage inside the editor.
2008-10-03 crawleyApplied patch to use 0xffff as the unmapped character...
2008-09-21 crawleyCheckstyle changes
2008-09-18 fduminy- added concept of NameSpaceListener
2008-09-13 crawleyConverted the console subsystem to be natively characte...
2008-09-11 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2008-09-02 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2008-09-01 fduminy- removed usage of System.err, System.out & e.printStac...
2008-08-24 lsanthaCode style fixes.
2008-08-24 crawleyChange Emu to use the 'alias' and 'syntax' extension...
2008-08-22 lsanthaFixed to make it runnable again.
2008-08-19 lsanthaFixed ouput paths and module dependencies. This enables...
2008-08-17 fduminyinstead of using System.out, PartitionHelper is now...
2008-08-15 lsanthaFixed nanohttpd to propperly serve the startup directory.
2008-08-01 fduminyfixed bug happening only when JNode is directly booted...
2008-08-01 lsanthaAdded missing modul dependency: gui
2008-07-25 lsanthaReverted console and text screen refacoring of FabienD.
2008-07-24 fduminy- moved ensureVisible(int) method from TextScreen to...
2008-07-23 crawleyRemovinf old copy of 'configure'
2008-07-23 crawleyRemoving 'configure' from old location
2008-07-23 crawleyRevised the syntax for modifiers in @...@ sequences
2008-07-21 crawleyAdded support for 'modifiers' in @...@ sequences; see...
2008-07-19 crawleyStyle fixes ...
2008-07-19 crawleyMinor improvements to console output formatting
2008-07-17 fduminyeclipse setting: set source code level to 1.6 instead...
2008-07-17 crawleyAdded aupport for a 'baseDir' attribute on the 'configu...
2008-07-12 crawleyAdded first version of the JNode build configuration...
2008-07-11 lsanthaCode style fixes.
2008-07-11 lsanthaFixed startup problem in Rubik.
2008-06-21 fduminyadded config for checkstyle eclipse plugin
2008-06-21 fduminyadded config for checkstyle eclipse plugin
2008-06-20 hagar-wizederby stop command added
2008-06-19 fduminyoptimizations of TextScreen(Console) operations (sync...
2008-06-15 fduminycheckstyle fixes
2008-06-15 lsanthaAdded test sourcetree.
2008-06-15 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2008-06-14 lsanthaMoved Tetris, BoxWorld, Rubik to distr games.
2008-06-10 crawleyConverted JettyCommand + plugin dependency fixes
2008-06-09 crawleyConverted EditCommand
2008-06-09 crawleyConverted LeviCommand and LeedCommand
2008-06-09 crawleyConverted DerbyCommand