Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
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2008-07-12 crawleyAdded first version of the JNode build configuration...
2008-02-15 fduminy- improved output on telnet connection
2008-02-13 hagar-wizea little step on the way to have derby running
2008-02-01 hagar-wizestarted add of apache.db.Derby
2008-01-24 lsanthaJetty support.
2008-01-20 fduminyremoved unneeded library
2008-01-06 fduminyintegration of a telnet server in jnode (base on telnet...
2008-01-04 fduminy- JPartition : work in progress
2007-04-15 fduminyadded stamps-mvc library (licence: LGPL) for JPartition
2007-03-18 fduminyvmware disk read/write access : alpha version