Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / distr / .classpath
2008-07-12 crawleyAdded first version of the JNode build configuration...
2008-02-04 hagar-wizePleasing Eclipse users
2008-01-25 fduminyfixed eclipse classpath
2008-01-06 fduminyintegration of a telnet server in jnode (base on telnet...
2008-01-04 fduminy- JPartition : work in progress
2007-04-15 fduminyadded stamps-mvc library (licence: LGPL) for JPartition
2007-03-18 fduminyvmware disk read/write access : alpha version
2007-02-17 fduminyfixed bad path to lib for eclipse config file
2004-11-21 eprMoved TextUI to seperate project location
2004-05-22 eprFixed .classpath
2004-03-22 eprFixed several build errors
2004-03-21 eprAdded apps directory
2004-02-28 eprAddition of JNode-Distr (distribution) project