Fixes command syntax for ls and dir.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / core /
2011-08-02 lsanthaFixes to restarting the PS/2 mouse and keyboard devices.
2011-07-31 lsanthaFixed javadoc.
2011-07-31 lsanthaAdded support for loading the removable media into...
2011-07-15 lsanthaAdded Nimbus L&F packages to plugin configuration.
2011-06-30 lsanthaJDIVirtualMachine for easier class hotswapping.
2011-06-25 lsanthaImproved remote debugging. Now standard Java debuggers...
2011-04-28 lsanthaAdded javadoc command.
2011-04-27 lsanthaImproved support for java.lang.Package.
2011-03-06 lsanthaFollowing up class library changes.
2011-02-28 lsanthaAdding new packages to plugin descriptors.
2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2011-01-03 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2010-12-27 lsanthaJavadoc fixes.
2010-12-27 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2010-07-11 fduminyMerge git:// into...
2010-05-16 fduminyfixed comment
2010-05-16 fduminyextracted org.jnode.plugin packages from org.jnode...
2010-05-16 fduminy- moved (resource related) classes from org.jnode.syste...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.secur...
2010-05-16 fduminy- removed dependency cycle between org.jnode.naming...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.vm...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved dependency cycle between org.jnode.vm <-> org...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved depencency between Plugin and PluginDescriptorM...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved dependencies on PluginRegistryModel by using...
2010-04-03 fduminyremoved unused BaseMagicHelper.MagicClass and updated...
2010-04-03 fduminyfixed comment
2010-03-28 lsanthaAdded javadoc.
2010-03-28 lsanthaAdded support for releasing the bytecode visitor, other...
2010-03-28 lsanthaFixed a bug where expected item was not at the top...
2010-03-28 lsanthaAdded support for dead code detection.
2010-03-28 lsanthaRemoved needless code.
2010-03-28 lsanthaSimplified VM type to Class conversion.
2010-02-20 lsanthaThe X86BytecodeVisitor is reused across method compilat...
2010-02-20 lsanthaCleanup of optimization experiments.
2010-02-20 lsanthaFixed item recycling.
2010-02-19 lsanthaAdded missing export.
2010-02-19 galatnmCorrect behaviour for equals method of Key class.
2010-02-19 lsanthaCode style fixes.
2010-02-13 lsanthaFixed item recycling for better memory usage in L1a.
2010-02-13 lsanthaAdded debug info.
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbus fixes: removed unneeded checks (condition is...
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs fixes: inner class can be static.
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs fixes: fields made final.
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs fixes: fixed inconsistent synchronzation....
2010-01-30 lsanthaFindbugs updated to version 1.3.9. Fixed finbugs ant...
2010-01-10 lsanthaAdded native stub for
2010-01-10 lsanthaAdded native stub for
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-02 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2009-12-30 fduminyremoved unneeded cast
2009-12-30 fduminyfixed javadoc
2009-12-12 fduminyreverted changes in r5696
2009-12-12 fduminyreverted changes in r5696
2009-12-12 fduminyreverted changes in r5696
2009-12-12 fduminyreverted changes in r5696
2009-12-11 fduminy- before, VmType and BaseMagicHelper had both definitio...
2009-12-11 fduminyoptimization : specify initial capacity of the underlyi...
2009-12-10 fduminyfixed javadoc
2009-12-09 fduminy- specified generic parameter for nativeStreamHolder...
2009-12-09 fduminy- fixed typo error
2009-12-09 fduminyfixed error in javadoc
2009-12-06 fduminyadded javadoc + links to MagicClass and MagicMethod...
2009-08-26 crawleyRemoved some dead code and fixed a misleading javadoc...
2009-08-24 fduminyextracted heap iteration from getHeapStatistics() to...
2009-08-16 fduminyfixed comment
2009-08-16 fduminyadded comment
2009-08-16 fduminymoved kernel debugger (kdb) stuff from VmScheduler...
2009-08-16 fduminyfixed comments & warnings in javadoc
2009-08-16 lsanthaImproved runtime annotation support.
2009-08-16 fduminyfixed type safety warnings
2009-08-16 fduminyrestored toString method
2009-08-15 lsanthaImplemented NativeThreadImpl.getThreads().
2009-08-15 fduminyimprovements of the onheap command :
2009-08-15 fduminyimproved javadoc comments
2009-08-15 fduminyfixed a sentence in the javadoc
2009-08-14 lsanthaAdded native stubs for
2009-08-12 lsanthaFixed coding style.
2009-08-12 lsanthaCheckstyle upgrade to v 5.0
2009-07-29 galatnmLittle update of javadocs.
2009-07-22 lsanthaAdedd NativeProcesImpl.
2009-07-22 lsanthagit-svn-id:
2009-07-22 lsanthaFixed typos.
2009-07-17 lsanthaPrototype for new 'java' command.
2009-07-17 lsanthaFixed the building of JDWP plugin.
2009-07-17 lsanthaFixed system property handling.
2009-07-17 lsanthaAdded support for additional classpath.
2009-07-12 lsanthaFixed code style.
2009-07-12 lsanthaFixed compiler test.
2009-07-11 lsanthaRemoved deprecated code.
2009-07-11 lsanthaAdded test for ldiv,lrem.
2009-07-11 lsanthaFixed ldiv and lrem for Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE.
2009-07-04 lsanthaFixed build failure.
2009-07-03 lsanthaIntegrating assembler patches from Gilles Duboscq
2009-07-03 lsanthaIntegrating assembler patches from Gilles Duboscq
2009-07-02 galatnmAdd FIXME
2009-06-16 fduminysplit of responsabilities in 2 classes : TestManager...
2009-06-16 fduminyadded getVmType() to VMConfig interface
2009-06-16 fduminychanegs in WatchDog class :
2009-06-16 fduminyfixed case where workdir does exist
2009-06-14 fduminy- VManager methods now use a VMConfig instead of a...