Adding vm addresspace picture (discussion only)
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2005-05-11 eprRemoved duplicate dependencies
2005-05-11 eprRemoved duplicate dependencies
2005-05-10 eprApplied patch from
2005-05-10 eprAdded license info to plugins
2005-05-10 hagar-wizeadded memory usage taken by the instances on the heap
2005-05-09 eprAdded getCustomPluginClassName()
2005-05-09 eprAdded attribute names support
2005-05-09 eprRemoved obsolete javax-security.jar
2005-05-09 eprRemoved unused property
2005-05-09 eprStandardized common build tasks by introduction of...
2005-05-09 eprUpdated ant to 1.6.3
2005-05-08 markhaleDelayed allocation of char[] u.
2005-05-08 fduminy- fixed when a file is opened in WRITE+APPEND mode
2005-05-07 lsanthaIntegrated JNasm
2005-05-07 lsanthaIntegrated JNasm
2005-05-07 eprAdded extra info on NoClasDefFoundError
2005-05-07 eprFixed dependency
2005-05-06 fduminyimplementation of JSR 107 JCACHE from the draft javadoc
2005-05-06 eprAdded type safety
2005-05-06 markhaleRescoped variable declarations (allocation of q[] now...
2005-05-06 lsanthaMinor change.
2005-05-06 eprAdded type safety
2005-05-06 eprAdded type safety
2005-05-06 eprImplemented Iterable<PluginDescriptor> on PluginRegistr...
2005-05-06 eprImplemented Iterable
2005-05-06 fduminyadded classpath bug fix tag (and submited the patch...
2005-05-06 eprEmbedded version stamp in nana-kernel
2005-05-06 eprRemoved obsolete QUICK_ opcodes
2005-05-05 fduminyadded methods to convert a ByteBuffer to a byte[] and...
2005-05-05 fduminyuse of ByteBuffer instead of byte in
2005-05-05 eprAdded various TODO Understand me tags
2005-05-05 eprStep in mmtk integration.
2005-05-05 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-05-05 eprApplied header-fix
2005-05-05 fduminyupdate from classpath
2005-05-05 fduminyadded valueOf method to convert from FileChannelImpl...
2005-05-05 fduminygetAPI is now public instead of protected
2005-05-05 fduminymoved VMFileHandle from classpath/vm/java/io to classpa...
2005-05-05 fduminyupdate from classpath
2005-05-05 fduminyfor VM security reasons some classes must be placed
2005-05-05 fduminymoved from classpath/vm/java/io to classpath/vm/org...
2005-05-04 eprMade creation of seperate jnode-boot.jar obsolete
2005-05-04 fduminyadded property compilerarg that can be overwritten...
2005-05-04 eprApplied header-fix
2005-05-04 eprMade memory manager pluggable.
2005-05-04 eprBetter seperation of default heapmanager
2005-05-04 eprApplied header-fix
2005-05-04 eprAdding (unimplemented) VmHeapManager for mmtk
2005-05-04 eprImported (not integrated) MMTk
2005-05-03 eprImplemented magic unboxed arrays
2005-05-03 eprRefactored to use enum's
2005-05-03 eprImplemented counter support for allocation of primitive...
2005-05-03 markhaleOptimised StringBuffer constructors.
2005-05-02 eprReplaced absolute keyword by %define construction
2005-05-02 eprOptimized instance size of VmByteCode
2005-05-02 eprRefactored the way the initjar and contained plugins...
2005-05-02 eprImplemented thread-local char[] buffer for utf conversion
2005-05-02 eprRefactored VmByteCode to use ByteBuffer instead of...
2005-05-02 eprRefactored to make better use of ByteBuffer class decoding
2005-05-02 eprChanged class decoding from decoding a byte[] to a...
2005-05-02 eprImplemented mount command
2005-05-01 eprImplemented virtual filesystem
2005-05-01 lsanthaFixed the one patch size 1.
2005-05-01 lsanthaSeveral fixes.
2005-05-01 lsanthaFixed patchSize check.
2005-05-01 eprReplaced bits 16 code, by handcrafted bytes to avoid...
2005-05-01 eprImplemented patchsize of 1 byte
2005-05-01 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-04-30 lsanthaSupport for far jumps and some new addressing modes.
2005-04-30 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-04-30 eprMoved classpath packages out of org.classpath.core...
2005-04-30 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-04-30 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-04-30 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-04-30 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-04-30 eprApplied classpath patches
2005-04-30 eprFixed OpenMP detection bug
2005-04-30 eprImplemented support plugin fragments
2005-04-29 eprAdding fragment support
2005-04-28 eprintern'd various strings
2005-04-28 eprMinor change for easier build log
2005-04-28 eprUsed relative jump Jcc imm8 where possible
2005-04-28 eprUsed JMP imm8 where possible
2005-04-28 eprOptimized PUSH imm32 to use PUSH imm8 when possible
2005-04-28 eprOptimized for size
2005-04-28 eprApplied header-fix
2005-04-27 eprMinor size optimizations
2005-04-27 eprOptimized field usage for size
2005-04-27 eprMinor size optimizations
2005-04-27 eprOptimized field size
2005-04-27 eprReplaced 2 int fields by char fields, since that can...
2005-04-27 eprReplaced 2 fields by 1 shared field
2005-04-27 eprRemoved unused entrypoints
2005-04-27 eprRemoved magic field, replaced by lookup via compiler...
2005-04-27 eprReplaced 2 int fields by short fields.
2005-04-27 eprFixed type issue
2005-04-27 eprFixed size method
2005-04-26 eprImplemented Field alignment
2005-04-26 eprAdded type safety
2005-04-26 eprMinor memory size improvements