Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
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2008-05-29 lsanthaAdded checkstyle.
2007-09-15 fduminyfixed AnnotateTask and re-enabled it in the build process
2007-08-20 fduminy- refactored some JNode ant tasks around abstract class...
2007-05-20 konkubinaten+ added the sources for the current mauve classes
2006-04-18 fduminy- added jfunc plugin (a junit extension for configurabl...
2006-04-18 fduminyadded missing test files for Pattern class
2006-03-24 fduminymauve update
2006-03-11 lsanthaAdded Eclipse Java Compiler plugin.
2005-11-29 eprMoved commons-net jar from jnode-net to jnode-core
2005-09-18 fduminyadded Mauve plugin (for testing Classpath implementatio...
2005-05-29 eprReplaced mmtk sources by pre-compiled jar file
2005-05-16 markhaleJMX support (MX4J).
2005-05-09 eprUpdated ant to 1.6.3
2005-03-27 fduminyadded to create mock(=stubs) objects (through dynamic...
2005-03-13 lsanthaAdded ant-junit.jar
2005-02-19 lsanthaAdded optional tasks for Ant, needed javacc task.
2004-05-25 hagar-wizeadded javax.crypto, and gnu.crypto
2004-01-24 eprUpdated to ant-1.6.0
2003-11-25 eprInitial checkin of new structure