Updated InetlliJ IDEA project files to version 8.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / core / core.iml
2008-12-02 lsanthaUpdated InetlliJ IDEA project files to version 8.
2008-11-27 lsanthaCreated emu source tree in core and moved BasicNameSpac...
2008-11-25 lsanthaOpenjdk sourcecode reorganized to separate source trees.
2008-11-21 lsanthaAdded mauve-src.jar to module configuration.
2008-08-24 lsanthaAdded support for customizing standard Java system...
2008-08-19 lsanthaFixed ouput paths and module dependencies. This enables...
2008-05-31 lsanthaMoved nanoxml to endrosed sources.
2008-02-22 hagar-wizegit-svn-id: https://jnode.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot...
2007-09-01 lsanthaRemoved unused core/src/classpath/org sourcetree.
2007-08-04 lsanthaAdded missing source trees.
2007-08-04 lsanthaUpdated Intellij IDEA module files.
2005-04-12 hagar-wizeIntelliJ IDEA 4.5.4 project files