Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
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2008-06-02 crawleyAdjustments to the Eclipse build path needed because...
2008-06-01 crawleyAdjusted Eclipse buildpath for nanoXML changes.
2008-01-03 fduminyupdate of eclipse classpath
2007-10-28 lsanthaImproved FSEntry caching by Andrei Dore.
2007-09-15 fduminyAdded ant task to check that native methods are properl...
2007-08-26 fduminyopenjdk integration
2007-08-20 fduminy- refactored some JNode ant tasks around abstract class...
2007-08-15 fduminyfixed most of the eclipse build errors (still 4 errors...
2007-05-17 fduminyfixed some classpath issues for eclipse
2007-01-09 hagar-wizeremoved classpath/5.0 folder
2006-02-21 eprStarting to splitup mauve plugin into smaller plugins...
2005-07-28 eprUpdated nanoxml api to 1.5
2005-05-29 eprReplaced mmtk sources by pre-compiled jar file
2005-05-17 eprAdded mx4j to classpath
2005-05-04 eprImported (not integrated) MMTk
2005-04-19 eprAdding very early (very empty) isolate classes
2005-04-13 eprAdded source folder for 5.0 specific classpath sources
2004-09-11 eprPreparing for mmtk integration
2004-09-04 eprAdded org.vmmagic.pragma package in preparation of...
2004-04-14 eprApplied lots of classpath patches
2003-11-25 eprInitial checkin of new structure