A RAMFile is stored in a list of Buffer object to support arbitrary large files.
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2011-08-21 lsanthaFixes command syntax for ls and dir.
2011-08-21 lsanthaFixes to file size display in 'dir' command.
2011-08-21 lsanthaFix to showing aliases in help command.
2011-08-17 lsanthaAdded shell command: cmp.
2011-08-16 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2011-08-07 lsanthaAdded default mode to 'thread' command to show a flat...
2011-06-25 lsanthaImproved remote debugging. Now standard Java debuggers...
2010-12-27 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2010-07-11 fduminyMerge git://gitorious.org/~fduminy/jnode/maven into...
2010-05-16 fduminyremoved package/plugin dependency cycle org.jnode.secur...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved dependency cycle between org.jnode.vm <-> org...
2010-05-12 fduminyremoved dependencies on PluginRegistryModel by using...
2010-01-03 lsanthaUpdated file headers.
2010-01-02 lsanthaCodestyle fixes.
2009-12-03 lsanthaFixed NPE. Improved help. Applied patch by Mario Zsilak.
2009-11-23 lsanthaExtensions to du command. Applied patch by Mario Zsilak.
2009-10-20 lsanthaApplied patch by Mark Kokish.
2009-08-15 fduminyapplied Sun's "Java Style Guidelines"
2009-08-15 fduminyimprovements of the onheap command :
2009-08-15 fduminycommitted patch from zephyr (jnode.org/user/9083) for...
2009-08-09 crawleyRemoved some strange comments embedded in the aliases...
2009-07-07 crawleyFixed egregious code style violations.
2009-07-07 crawleyJavadoc fixes
2009-07-06 crawleyFixed some javadoc errors
2009-07-05 crawleySyntax for 'del' used a non-existent argument label...
2009-06-08 crawleyPut "plain" report files for JUnit tests into <project...
2009-06-01 crawleyFix code that outputs the usage information following...
2009-05-22 crawleyFixing compiler warnings and style issues
2009-05-18 chrisboertienCheckin of sort command + blackbox tests
2009-05-13 chrisboertienBlackbox tests for cat and grep + grep bugfixes
2009-05-12 chrisboertienBlackbox tests for tail + tail bugfixes
2009-05-12 chrisboertienoops, forgot the test\!
2009-05-12 chrisboertienBlackbox tests for head + head bugfixes
2009-05-11 chrisboertienUnix 'paste' command + blackbox tests
2009-05-11 chrisboertiencheckstyle fix
2009-05-11 chrisboertienFix for wc regression, issue #3027
2009-05-11 crawleyFix bug in eclipse buildpath ... put classlib.jar into...
2009-05-05 chrisboertienBlackbox tests for cut and the new argument.
2009-05-05 chrisboertienUnix 'cut' command
2009-05-05 chrisboertienNew Argument that represents a list of integers and...
2009-05-04 crawleyFix incorrectly named permission
2009-05-03 chrisboertienContext line support for grep
2009-05-03 crawleyTidying up tests that have moved
2009-05-03 chrisboertienbugfix for cat
2009-05-03 crawleyThis commit changes some key "build.xml" files per...
2009-05-03 crawleyAdded new test.sh script + build-test.xml files (see...
2009-05-03 chrisboertienUpdates to command utilities and grep
2009-05-02 chrisboertienCheckstyle fixes
2009-05-01 crawleyOoops I checked in a test hack. Reverted.
2009-05-01 crawleyMinor tidyups: imports and unreferenced locals.
2009-05-01 chrisboertienRound Two
2009-05-01 chrisboertienFix bugs in ifconfig and ping
2009-05-01 chrisboertienImproved df impl
2009-05-01 chrisboertienRewrite of rm/del to better match the POSIX spec
2009-04-30 crawleyAdded Eclipse project/buildbath for CLI and changes...
2009-04-30 lsanthaUpdated Idea project files and build targets for the...
2009-04-30 chrisboertienNew openReader methods for IOUtils and some cat updates
2009-04-30 chrisboertienImplemented -n/-b/-s/-E flags for cat
2009-04-29 chrisboertiendu command implementation
2009-04-29 chrisboertienFinishing touches on the refactoring.
2009-04-29 chrisboertienRefactored commands from shell to cli
2009-04-29 chrisboertienRefactor of org.jnode.net.command to org.jnode.command.net
2009-04-29 chrisboertienRefactored commands from fs project to cli project