Added teamset for easier eclipse setup
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2005-02-24 lsanthaJNAsm implementation in progress.
2005-02-22 lsanthaAssembler implementation in progress.
2005-02-22 lsanthaAssembler implementation in progress.
2005-02-20 lsanthaAssembler implementation in progress.
2005-02-19 lsanthaAssmebler parser improvements.
2005-02-19 lsanthaAdded javacc invocation.
2005-02-19 lsanthaInitial commit of the JNAsm assembler tool
2005-02-19 lsanthaAdded javacc.jar
2005-02-13 eprRemoved use of method ref on stack, replaced by Compile...
2005-02-05 eprFixed source file encodings & file headers
2005-02-01 eprImplementing 64-bit support in compiler
2005-01-31 eprImplementing 64-bit support in compiler
2005-01-29 eprImplemented 64-bit imt compiler
2005-01-29 eprUpdated developer tools to support 64-bit
2005-01-23 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-22 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-22 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-20 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-17 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-17 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-17 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-16 eprPrepared for 64bit support.
2005-01-15 eprForced source file encoding in build scripts and eclips...
2005-01-15 eprCONVERTED TO ASCII
2005-01-14 eprPreparation for 64-bit support
2005-01-13 eprCleanup of assembler code
2005-01-05 eprRenamed Register to X86Register
2005-01-04 eprAdded ant-task to correct file headers
2005-01-01 eprFixed build for non-machting (classpath vs. sun) classes
2004-12-29 eprReplaced VmAddress with Address in many places
2004-12-29 eprReplaced VmAddress with Address in many places
2004-12-26 eprImproved gc performance
2004-12-25 epr*** empty log message ***
2004-12-20 eprRenamed org.jnode.vm.Address to ...VmAddress.
2004-11-13 eprApplied classpath patches
2004-10-31 eprAdded preloading (during build) of awt & swing classes
2004-10-12 eprFixed static/non-static field in jnode/host vm
2004-10-09 eprFixed classpath compare wrt. classname being equal...
2004-10-07 markhaleMinor refinements.
2004-09-11 eprRemoved L1 compiler from build
2004-09-10 eprDefaulted to L1A compiler
2004-09-07 eprStatic variables are now saves between build & boottime
2004-09-05 eprPreparing for mmtk
2004-09-03 epr*** empty log message ***
2004-09-02 eprAdded disassembler helper
2004-08-29 eprFixed build for l1a compiler
2004-08-28 eprAdded support for testing new compilers within a runnin...
2004-08-26 eprAdded debug tool for finding addresses in the compiled...
2004-08-22 eprMade developed of l1a compiler (l2) easier by setting...
2004-07-25 eprReplaced single bootjar by map of individual resources...
2004-07-25 eprAdded logging of primitive array usage
2004-07-10 eprImproved change detection identification
2004-07-06 eprAdded detection of "native" to the classpath-compare...
2004-07-06 eprFixed use of incompatible constructor of IOException
2004-06-27 eprAdded per-package diffs
2004-05-31 eprFirst small step towards multiprocessor & hyperthreadin...
2004-04-18 eprRemoved obsolete code
2004-04-16 eprPlugin patch. Now plugins are only in the registry...
2004-04-16 eprFixed warning
2004-04-14 eprIgnore white spaces in claspath-localclasspath comparison
2004-04-13 eprRefinement of classpath comparison.
2004-04-13 eprRefinement of classpath comparison.
2004-04-12 eprAdded classpath-compare ant task for better synchroniza...
2004-04-12 eprFloats & Doubles are now stored as Float & Double in...
2004-04-11 eprAdded plugin loading capabilities
2004-03-30 eprFixed build problem
2004-03-30 fduminyuse of the new readOnly parameter while mounting a...
2004-03-28 eprAdded geometry parameter to bootdisk builder thanks...
2004-03-14 eprFully implemented SecurityManager & AccessController
2004-03-07 eprImplemented AccessController, AccessControlContext
2004-02-29 eprChanged bootdisk creation task
2004-02-28 eprAddition of JNode-Distr (distribution) project
2004-02-28 eprSome minor fixes to include in 0.1.6
2004-02-26 eprFix to ensure that all tmp files are removed after...
2004-02-24 epr- Added work-manager
2004-02-19 eprImplement method inlining across classes
2004-02-17 eprDisabled write barrier for now, since all threads are...
2004-02-15 eprMajor VM change:
2004-02-08 eprFixed geometry of bootdisk, so larger kernels also...
2004-02-02 eprImplemented write barrier
2004-01-28 eprFixed boot failure
2004-01-27 eprVarious updates
2004-01-20 eprAdded initjar support
2004-01-20 eprAdded initjar support
2004-01-17 eprMoved default heap manager to its own package
2004-01-02 eprMajor change in Plugin system, to prepare for reloadabl...
2003-12-28 eprReleased 0.1.5
2003-12-21 eprFixed javadoc errors
2003-12-14 eprRestructured heapmanager
2003-12-14 eprAdded smarter hot method finder/compiler
2003-12-13 eprFixed serious build error
2003-12-10 eprminor changes
2003-12-07 eprAbstracted heapmanager interface
2003-12-05 eprChanged static field implementation from VmStaticXX...
2003-12-02 eprReplaced jump & call method with Object target address...
2003-12-02 eprRemoved AbstractX86Stream.writePUSH(Object)
2003-12-02 eprSeparated HeapManager from explicit managed MemoryBlock...
2003-11-29 epr"Ported" website build
2003-11-29 gbinFAT LFN implementation.
2003-11-28 eprReplaced vm_invoke code by direct method calls