Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
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2008-07-18 fduminychanges in grub setting for vesa graphic mode :
2008-07-17 fduminyeclipse setting: set source code level to 1.6 instead...
2008-06-27 lsanthaImproved annotation support including annotation defaults.
2008-06-21 fduminyadded config for checkstyle eclipse plugin
2008-06-04 lsanthaCode style fixes.
2008-05-31 lsanthaMoved nanoxml to endrosed sources.
2008-05-29 lsanthaAdded required library.
2008-05-29 lsanthaCheckstyle fixes.
2008-05-03 fduminyAnnotateTask improvement : using faster method for...
2008-05-03 fduminyAnnotateTask improvement : added a properties file...
2008-05-01 lsanthaImproved performance of plugin task by build plugins...
2008-04-20 fduminyvbe/vesa driver : added property to specify/disable...
2008-02-22 hagar-wizegit-svn-id:
2008-02-20 lsanthaImproved file system type handling.
2008-02-04 fduminy- added class MasterBootRecord to encapsulate the byte...
2008-01-12 lsanthaAdded support for hotswapping.
2008-01-08 fduminynew AnnotateTask features :
2008-01-03 lsanthaImproved error reporting.
2008-01-03 lsanthaAdded simple native stub generator.
2008-01-01 fduminy- replaced set of int values by Enums in ext2/fat/jfat...
2007-12-30 fduminybetter error message for missing plugin
2007-12-28 lsanthaInclude files with no extension too.
2007-09-26 hagar-wizegit-svn-id:
2007-09-16 fduminyadded verification if annotation is already there ...
2007-09-15 fduminyAdded ant task to check that native methods are properl...
2007-09-15 lsanthaAdded required asm jars.
2007-09-15 fduminyfixed AnnotateTask and re-enabled it in the build process
2007-09-14 lsanthaFixed my name.
2007-09-12 fduminyfixed minor typo error (not a bug fix)
2007-09-06 lsanthaopenjdk integration
2007-08-23 lsanthaReworked the patch sent by crawley for proclet support...
2007-08-20 fduminy- refactored some JNode ant tasks around abstract class...
2007-08-04 lsanthaOptimized imports.
2007-08-04 lsanthaUpdated Intellij IDEA module files.
2007-06-25 lsanthaOpenjdk integration.
2006-12-30 lsanthaReduced the procompiled classes.
2006-12-21 lsanthaAdded support for: push [fs:disp] .
2006-04-23 eprMoved scheduling related classes to seperate package
2006-04-22 fduminyfixed to allow use of virtual network card, even on...
2006-04-18 fduminyadded ethernet virtual device
2006-04-17 eprStep in SMP support
2006-04-16 eprSeperated scheduling from VmProcessor.
2006-04-08 eprVarious isolate improvements
2006-03-26 eprIsolate progress ... it runs!
2006-03-25 eprMade bootimage log configurable via "bootimage.log...
2006-03-25 eprRemoved unused compiler packages from bootimage compile...
2006-03-24 lsanthaAdded new packages.
2006-03-22 eprChange isolate package to javax.isolate
2006-03-21 eprVarious monitor fixes,
2006-03-16 eprAdded L1B compiler, which is used to experiment with...
2006-02-21 eprFixed NPE in Field.getType
2006-02-18 fduminyadded logFile property to send kdb (kernel debugger...
2006-02-01 fduminyto avoid infinite loop while building :
2006-01-01 eprUpdated header for license
2006-01-01 eprUpdated header for copyright years and FSF address
2005-12-31 eprUpdated header for 2006
2005-11-23 eprAdded first OSGi Manifest bundle attributes to plugins
2005-11-23 eprFixed gnu diff parameters
2005-11-21 eprFixed for other diff tool
2005-11-20 eprAdded VMware player config file build for cd targets
2005-10-06 fduminy- added handling of classpath-bugfix with their bugzill...
2005-10-05 fduminy- added handling of classpath-bugfix with their bugzill...
2005-08-27 lsanthaAdded support for new opcodes.
2005-08-07 lsanthaFixed method name.
2005-08-07 lsanthaAdded support for new opcodes.
2005-07-28 eprUpdated nanoxml api to 1.5
2005-07-09 lsanthaMore support for MMX instructions.
2005-07-07 lsanthaAdded support for emms es a first step to supporting...
2005-06-26 lsanthaImproved jnasm.
2005-06-22 eprAdded RDMSR & WRMSR instructions
2005-06-22 eprType safety improvements
2005-06-22 eprAdded support for filename argument as input instead...
2005-06-21 eprFixed classpath
2005-06-19 lsanthaVarious fixes.
2005-06-18 lsanthaAdded support for new opcodes.
2005-06-07 lsanthaApplied plugin checker patch provided by Sebastian...
2005-05-31 eprCreate classes & build structures for MMTk MarkSweep...
2005-05-30 eprCreate classes & build structures for MMTk GenRC based...
2005-05-29 eprRefactored mmtk heap manager & build to allow different...
2005-05-26 eprFirst step in refactoring partition tables out of org...
2005-05-25 eprAdded default exclude of package.html from plugins
2005-05-23 eprAdded support for non-java files
2005-05-22 eprOrganized imports
2005-05-22 fduminyremoved unneeded cast warnings
2005-05-21 eprHack like fix on setInitialized
2005-05-19 eprFixed unboxed address type handling
2005-05-19 eprRemoved loading of MathSupport (it is already loaded...
2005-05-19 eprFixed unchecked type issue
2005-05-18 eprA step in mmtk memory manager implementation
2005-05-18 eprAdded mmtk classes to compile high settings
2005-05-18 eprA step in mmtk memory manager implementation
2005-05-17 eprAdded some licenses
2005-05-11 eprAdded support for using magic types during build
2005-05-11 hagar-wizeadded apache license 2.0
2005-05-11 eprAdded dependency tree to document-plugins tasks.
2005-05-11 eprAdded dependency tree to document-plugins tasks.
2005-05-10 eprAdded license info to plugins
2005-05-09 eprAdded page footers
2005-05-09 eprRemoved unused itext.jar
2005-05-09 eprMinor additions