Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
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2008-01-12 lsanthaAdjusted compiler runtime settings to support building...
2008-01-04 fduminy- JPartition : work in progress
2008-01-02 lsanthaNFS improvements, refactorings and nfs:// URL supprt...
2007-09-15 fduminyfixed AnnotateTask and re-enabled it in the build process
2007-08-25 lsanthaExcluded from the build.
2007-06-16 lsanthaExclude from compile java class templates and package...
2007-06-10 lsanthaWorkaround for javac version resource.
2007-06-10 lsanthajavac integration from openjdk in progress.
2007-05-12 lsanthaAdded GRUB files need for grub installation.
2007-04-22 lsanthaAdded PXE boot ROM for VIA Rhine NIC.
2006-12-19 lsanthaForking javac to make the overall build process less...
2005-07-11 eprUpdated grub to patched 0.97
2005-05-09 eprStandardized common build tasks by introduction of...
2005-01-09 eprChange cdrom boot method.
2004-04-26 fduminyadded support for install of boot files under windows...
2004-02-15 eprMajor VM change:
2004-01-04 eprAdded nbgrub images for various netcards
2003-11-25 eprInitial checkin of new structure